Young Justice Series: Artemis Crock

Kylie here! Today I’m going to be talking about Artemis Crock. Otherwise known as, well, Artemis.

When Artemis comes to the Young Justice team, she’s the new apprentice of Green Arrow after Speedy’s angst-filled departure. She’s introduced as Green Arrow’s niece. A clever story created by Batman and Green Arrow.

But the Team soon realize that this is not their first meeting with Artemis. During a battle with Amazo at Gotham Academy, Kid Flash is saved when an arrow is fired and distracts the murderous robot from killing him. The Team accuses the Justice League of ‘babysitting’ them, but Green Arrow insists that the arrow isn’t his. As they later discover, it was Artemis’ arrow.


Despite saving his life, Kid Flash and Artemis have a rather combative relationship. He blames her for taking Speedy’s place on the team. Which is a little bit ridiculous given that Roy had clearly turned it down. Wally doesn’t trust Artemis, and this mistrust spreads to the rest of the team when Artemis’ true origins are revealed.

As it turns out, Artemis is not Green Arrow’s niece. She’s the daughter of notorious villains Sportsmaster and Huntress, and sister to the ever-troublesome Cheshire. Her criminal heritage makes the team weary of her. Kid Flash especially becomes a critic, blaming her for most things that go wrong on their missions.

However, Artemis gains their trust again, and starts to grow on Kid Flash a bit. By the end of season one, Wally West and Artemis Crock are the official and canon Young Justice OTP. Well, in my opinion.


In Season 2, Artemis and Wally have retired from hero work and are in college. But Nightwing and Aqualad need their help. Artemis fakes her death and takes up the mantle of Tigress. She and Aqualad work undercover to complete their mission, completely unbeknown to the rest of the team, who are mourning Artemis. She later reveals herself to Miss Martian while trying to restore Kaldur.


Artemis is one of the more reserved members of the team. She’s had a hard life and her family was is a mess. She the first member of her family to work on the heroes side of the fight. She handles the mistrust of her team with grace, mostly. As the show progresses, we see her open up more to her team. Her relationship with Wally grows, as does her friendship with the other team members. She becomes a confident hero that they all trust, and she grows to trust them as well.

And that’s Artemis! As always, be sure to check back Friday for Kara’s next post. I encourage you to check out our previous posts on Dick Grayson, Wally West, Connor Kent, Kaldur’ahm, and Miss Martian. Until next time!


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