Young Justice Series: Lagoon Boy

Kylie here! Welcome back to The Fandom Studio for this week’s installment of the Young Justice Series.

I present to you; Lagoon Boy!


Lagoon Boy was first presented to the DC world in an 1998 issue of Aquaman. He was granted citizenship in Atlantis from Aquaman, the king. Unfortunately, this is just about as much backstory as we get on this character. We know his given name is La’gaan, as revealed in an issue of Young Justice.

He has assisted many of the different DC teams, such as the Justice League, the Titans and Teen Titans, and the Young Justice.

He has a few different powers, such as the ability to communicate with Humpback Whales. As shown in Young Justice, he has the ability to blow up like somewhat like a pufferfish. Of course he also has the power to breathe underwater.


Lagoon Boy comes into the show in season two, and is revealed to be Miss Martian’s new boyfriend. To put it bluntly, I hated it. It totally ruined my ship! But alas, it was so. Anyhow, Lagoon Boy does show himself to be a valuable member of the team. He’s loyal and very protective, and has a sort of fury towards Kaldur for his apparent betrayal.

And that’s Lagoon Boy! As always, be sure to check back next week for Kara’s post!



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