Young Justice Series: Wally West

Kylie here! Today I’m going to be talking about one of my favorite DC and Young Justice characters, Wally West! Okay, so not only is Wally pretty hilarious and an awesome superhero, but he’s part of one of my favorite superhero families, The FlashFam.

Quick little aside here in case you aren’t familiar with the original Flash: Barry Allen = The Flash

Wally West idolized Central City’s speeding superhero the Flash. In fact he was even the president and only member of the Flash Fanclub at his school. Unfortunately, Wally met a lot of discouragement from his family over his obsession with the speedster. However, at a West family reunion, he met a man he thought to be his uncle who encouraged him in his dreams of becoming a hero himself.

Flash forward just a little bit, and Wally is going to stay with his aunt, Iris West. She introduces him to her then boyfriend, Barry.  While Wally thought he was kind of nerdy, he liked Barry.  Barry works for the police department as a CSI and takes Wally on a tour of his lab, even introducing him to his idol, The Flash himself. (Keep in mind Barry was actually playing both parts here) While there, he shows Wally the chemical cabinet where he was struck by lightning.  Then, all in a flash, lightning strikes as Wally touches the cabinet. He’s doused in chemicals and shocked with volts of electricity. To the shock and awe of Wally and Barry both, Wally is now a speedster.

He swears Wally to secrecy. No one – not even Aunt Iris – can know about this.  The Flash becomes his mentor and begins to teach ten-year-old Wally how become the crimefighter he’s dreamed of. He gets his classic red and yellow costume and the name Kid Flash.

Of course Wally soon figures out that it was in fact Barry that was wearing the costume. Barry becomes his uncle pretty soon and Wally stays with the Allen’s as often as he can.  His relationship with his parents is usually in a rough spot.

But while Barry got his powers as an adult, Wally was a child.  Because of this, he often suffered a crippling pain when he ran. However, he could often push past it enough to complete his missions.

Wally joined the Teen Titans while in college. However, he soon encountered a running pain so intense he could no longer continue as Kid Flash. He retired his cowl and resigned himself to a normal life.

But superheroes never do get ‘normal’ lives, do they?  In “The Crisis of Infinite Earths” Barry Allen sacrifices himself to stop the Anti-Monitor’s anti-matter cannon. While Barry dies, Wally is hit by the ray.  In a shocking turn of events, the ray cures Wally of his pain but reduces his speed to that of sound. While overcome with grief over the loss of his mentor and uncle, Wally takes on the cowl of the Flash himself.  He gains speed, and eventually comes to be known as the Fastest Man Alive, surpassing all other speedsters. Wally becomes a member of the Justice League. He becomes the mentor of a young Bart Allen, or Impulse, as well.

In the Young Justice team, Wally seems to bring a sense of lightheartedness to a team of serious and often damaged teens.  But he isn’t just there as the comedy relief. He’s a powerful hero with big dreams and ambitions and a good heart. My greatest hope for season three is that they bring Wally back.  It won’t be the same show without him.

If you didn’t catch it, be sure to check out Kara’s post on the one and only Dick Grayson from last week and be sure to check back Friday for Kara’s next post.

Until next time!

Kid Flash



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