Tinker Bell – the Real MVP

Hello all! Maddy here, and I’m back again; today with a post on the 2008 animated movie, Tinker Bell.

Yup – Tinker Bell



Now to be quite honest with you,  after the mandatory period where the kids in my house watched it every day for about a month – sometimes even more than once a day, or for more than a month, till it got to the point where we couldn’t stand the thought of watching it again for at least 3 months.  I got really sick and tired of this movie – ‘It’s cheesy!’ I would proclaim with all of the haughtyness that my 12-year-old self could muster, ‘It’s just for little kids!’ I argued.

As a side note – the movie came out when I was ten (and no – I did not hate it then, I just grew an unhealthy dislike for it), good old 2008, it’ll be turning 10 next year, which also means that I’ll be 20, something I’m not ready for.

Aside from all of this – I recently walked in on one of my little brothers watching Tinker Bell, and as is custom in my family – plonked myself down to enjoy it with him for a brief time. And I had a revelation.

Boy did I ever.


It’s a bit of a pet peeve of mine that the current overarching theme in so many films – children’s or not, is that you can be whatever you want to be – no matter what.

It sure does sound nice, but coupled with reality, it feels to me like we are setting up little kids to fail.  Wanting something and trying hard to do well in something does not always translate to doing super good, or even adequate at that thing. sometimes the things you want to do most are things that are impossible.

I kinda want to be able to breath under water, but no amount of practice is going to make it so that I can do such a feat and not die.


Tinker Bell does not go that route, instead it gives the message that even if what you do/what you are good at isn’t glamorous, doesn’t mean that you can’t still be awesome or accomplish great things. and that not for lack of trying or practice or desperation, can you succeed all the time.

Now I’m not trying to say that hard work is useless or am I trying to make a blanket statement that you can’t work hard at something that you don’t necessarily have a predilection for and become good or even great; but I am saying that making the generalization (or stereotype) that this is true for everyone and everything, is not healthy and its bad logic.

Tinker Bell is a strong character, and there is a lot to be commended about her.


She makes mistakes and admits when she’s wrong or has made a bad decision, she has a temper and while that does cause her to make some rash decisions that don’t end well for her and others – she doesn’t make excuses or push other people into the line of fire.


This movie shows that even if you aren’t planted in the most drool-worthy place, it doesn’t mean that you can’t rise to the place where you can accomplish your dreams, no drastic personal change required.




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