Young Justice Series: Dick Grayson

Hello there!

As some of you have probably seen, there’s a certain poster that’s been making its way around cyberspace and leaving a sea of so-excited-I’m-going-to-die fans in its wake. What could make both Marvel and DC fans of all ages get so excited about?

Why, Young Justice season 3, of course. Only the best animated show ever. Duh. 🙂




In celebration of this momentous event, one of the other bloggers here at the fandom studio (the fantabulous Kylie!) and I are going to be doing a series highlighting the various characters from the show, and what makes their incarnation on this two-season masterpiece so amazing.

To start with, we have one of my all time favorite characters and the leader of the team—Dick Grayson. Really couldn’t have started anywhere else, right?

(Warning—this could be long because Dick is bae and there is so much to cover.)

Dick’s life has always been hallmarked by tragedy and a dramatic flair. As a young boy, he was the youngest member of his family’s traveling circus troupe of acrobats—the Flying Graysons. When a horrible accident brought about the death of his entire family, Dick was left with nothing…until a certain reclusive billionaire with a penchant for the color black took him under his wing. Literally. Bruce Wayne took Dick’s care into his own charge, and gave the boy an outlet to expel the pain and anger Bruce never could when he was the same age. An outlet that included a mask, cape and red and yellow suit. (See what I mean about dramatic flair?)

Personally, I think that early training (Dick became the first Robin at the young age of nine) coupled with Dick’s vibrant personality were his saving grace. The reason that he was never drawn into the dark, brooding anger that shadowed Bruce’s life.

As the years passed, Dick’s career as robin had its’ highs and lows. Eventually, he passed the mantle on to Jason Todd, and decided it was time for him to truly spread his wings. With a desire to protect the innocents and find justice for the cruel ingrained in him, Dick became the vigilante known as Nightwing. (Who’s suit and just overall fighting style is so much cooler than Robin’s, in my opinion 😉 )

He has also taken some time as Batman, and gone undercover, as well as a bunch of other random tangents explored in the versatile and extensive comics following Dick’s life.

In the first season of the television show, we find him as an eager, clever Robin who’s been working with Batman for years—but never really had a team. Not like the one he finds when he joins up with Aqualad and Kid Flash. Ready to become members of the League (Justice League), the teens are all sorely disappointed when they are denied entrance because of their ages. They decide to instead form their own team and prove their worth. The second season picks up a few years after the first left off, giving us an older, more mature Dick Grayson who’s settled into his role of Nightwing and head of the team.

One of the reasons why I feel this show has one of the best versions of Dick Grayson we’ve seen is because of the masterful way the show’s writers handled the character development. They clearly displayed Dick’s intellect and his aptitude at dealing with others, helping them to rise to something greater—while also showing his soft side. That color and hope that has always allowed him to offset Batman, and face the darkness without being consumed by it. His patience with Wally’s jokes and schemes, and humility in giving Aqualad the position of leadership first, are what prepares him to be the best leader the team has ever had. To expand something that started with three kids determined to prove their worth, into a large team as capable as the Justice League, but even something more than that—a family.

This show highlights Dick doing what he does best: shining color into a dark world, and giving others the strength needed to fly.


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