Young Justice Series: Miss Martian

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to the blog series we’re doing on the characters from Young Justice, in honor of the news that season 3 has been renewed!

Today, I’d like to tell you a bit about Miss Martian.

In the comics, Miss M. appears much the same way that she does in the TV show, although she doesn’t join the team right away, rather staying for a short stint with the Teen Titans, before going to Australia (like…what?).

However, since this is a Young Justice -themed post, we’ll stick with a backstory that is canon with the TV show.

M’Gann M’orzz was born on Mars, as a white Martian, making her both the minority, and in the eyes of many, ugly, due to her pale skin, hunched back and long limbs. When civil war broke out on Mars between the green Martians, more humanoid in their appearance, and M’Gann’s people, the white Martians, her parents sent her away to a neighboring galaxy for her safety. After M’Gan heard that another Martian, a green one, had journeyed to earth and became a hero there, she decided to go to Earth too.

However, she doubted she would be accepted as a white Martian, so using her shape-shifting abilities, she camouflaged herself as a green martian, masquerading as Martian Manhunter’s niece. Shortly after her arrival, she was welcomed into the team. M’Gann, or Megan Morse as she went by on Earth, stealing the name from a character on an American television show she admired, was so desperate to fit in at her new home. Her sweet, and sometimes shy personality shone through in her interactions with her friends. Even though her telepathic abilities made her easily the strongest member of the team, she was hesitant to use her powers to the fullest. Eventually, she started truly using her telepathy as a weapon, which became a major problem in season two, after she’d grown into her role as Miss Martian.

Eventually, the rest of the Team found out about M’Gann’s true heritage as a white Martian. To her surprise, they weren’t repulsed. And Conner, Superboy, the one she had been most worried about due to their romantic relationship, even felt more connected with her after she was honest about her true self.

In season two, we see M’Gann’s personality changing a lot. She’s no longer shy, and now confident. However, she also has destroyed her relationship with Connor, due to choices she made to break into villain’s mind’s in an attempt to get information out of them–killing these beings in the process. When Kaldur’ahm supposedly turns against the team, M’Gann performs the same maneuver on him–nearly killing her friend. While she is able to save Kaldur, it is the wake-up call she needs. Eventually, M’Gann realizes her mistakes, and she and Connor reconcile. Her entire relationship with the team once again grows to be close-knit, and she is a mentor to the younger, less experienced heroes who have joined.

I’m excited to see how M’Gann’s character continues to grow in Season 3 of Young Justice!

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