Introduction Post- Rachel Day

Hey everybody.

I’m Rachel. I am a student graphic designer, writer, blogger, and occasional poet, and yes a fangirl. I’m gonna tell you a little bit about me so that I’m no longer a stranger, and we can all be friends.

I am a 17 gal from New Zealand. I like creating things, so I love writing, art and photography. I love listening to music, Reading books, going on Pinterest and Tumblr, and pretending I have a social live.

My fandoms vary. We have; Hunger Games, Divergent, Marvel, Anything John Green, Shatter Me, Jupiter Ascending, Disney, and Pretty Little Liars. (I’m still kinda new to this, shhh) And there are so many other fandoms calling my name. Just a new thing to be obsessed with and cry over. Fun times (but it’s worth it.)

What will I be doing on here? I will be talking about TV shows, book and movie reviews, talk about authors and there books, and also news about the latest books being made into movies. And maybe vlogs. Oh and GIFS. There is a lot to be exited about.


You can find me on twitter @Queenie_Rachy. And my personal blog Royal Queens. (If it has a Queen in it, it will probably be mine.)


See you guys later.



7 thoughts on “Introduction Post- Rachel Day

      1. Kara Swanson says:

        GUYS I’M JOINING YOUR CIRCLE! Loved Jupiter Ascending…I felt like they could have stuck with the storyline itself more, instead of having some off-color jokes that didn’t seem to fit, but other than that, it was really good! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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