Young Justice Series: Jaime Reyes

Kylie here! Welcome back to the Fandom Studio for today’s post on Blue Beetle!

Jaime Reyes was actually the third Blue Beetle. The character was created in 2006 and was introduced in Infinite Crisis #3. The Scarab was first revealed to be of alien origins during his story.

Jaime Reyes was only a teenager when the alien scarab fused itself to his spine and turned him into the Blue Beetle. Unlike most heroes, Jaime shared his alter-ego with his family and friends. He was a member of the Teen Titans. In The New 52, he is set to become a member of Damian Wayne’s Teen Titans.


The Scarab was created by the Reach, an alien race you’re probably familiar with. Jaime first began to figure this out while investigating cattle mutilation at local farms. He realized that the Scarab had been left on earth and forgotten about. Over time, it had been infused with magic. Since fusing with Jaime, the Scarab begin to develop its own consciousness. The Reach intended to use the Scarab as a way of conquering earth. But the Scarab and Jaime had other ideas. While Earth was sure that the Reach were peaceful benefactors from outer space, Jaime saw evidence to the contrary. Over time, the Scarab and Jaime defeated the Reach.


Jaime is a central character in the second season. The Reach are determined to take over the earth, and the heroes are determined to save it. For either side, Jaime is key. Jaime is a hero through and through, but under the influence of the Scarab, Jaime is coerced to the dark side. But through the help of his friends and his shear will, Jaime determines to be the hero he wants to be.

And that’s Blue Beetle! I hope you enjoyed this post! Be sure to check out Kara’s post on Jason Todd from last week.

Until next time!


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