Young Justice Series: Timothy Drake

Hello fanpeople! Kylie here. Welcome back to The Fandom Studio for today’s installment of The Young Justice Series. It may be just a little long, but…it’s Robin!

I give you Timothy Drake Wayne: child prodigy, Robin #3, founder of the Young Justice, the Red Robin, and son of Batman!

Tim and Damien
Damian Wayne and Tim Drake, everyone.

So who is Tim Drake? Well, besides the arch-nemesis of Damian Wayne (Robin III), he’s a lot of things. Timothy was born and raised in Gotham city. As a child he excelled academically, noted for his brilliance in deductive reasoning and detective skills. He was also an excellent gymnast and martial artist.

As a toddler, his parents Jack and Janet Drake took him to a circus to see the Flying Graysons. Tim even took a picture with a young Dick Grayson. They bore witness, along with Bruce Wayne, to the Grayson’s murder. Years after the tragedy, Robin and Batman apprehended The Penguin. When Robin performed a quardruple somersault, something Tim knew was a Grayson trick, he deducted that Robin was in fact young Dick Grayson. After doing research, he learned he was the ward of Bruce Wayne. He realized that the two of them were the Dynamic Duo themselves.

Tim’s detective skills were so advanced that he deducted the identities of Batman, Nightwing (Robin I) and Superman, a unique feat. I mean, deducing the identity of Superman shouldn’t be that hard, but I digress.


After the graduation of Dick into Nightwing and the death of Jason Todd (Robin II), Tim realized that the Dark Knight had gone, well, darker. He quickly realized that Batman also had no Robin at the time.
Instead of dealing with an irrational Bruce, Tim made the smart move of going to Nightwing instead. While Nightwing was hesitant as well and believed that he could provide Batman with all the help he needed, the former Dynamic Duo were captured on a mission. Tim saved them, and both heroes were impressed with his skill. Nightwing convinced Bruce to take on Tim as his newest protégé and Robin on a trial basis. Batman insisted that Tim undergo a vigorous training course.


While Tim’s mother died early on in his story, his father was around for a long time. Tim’s father later died. He was then adopted by Bruce and made a partner at Wayne Industries. Tim had multiple love interests, but one of the most well-known was Robin IV, Stephanie Brown, who originally wore the cowl of Spoiler. She was fired as Robin for disobeying orders. She died, tragically, but later came back. She also took the cowl as Batgirl for a time.

Unlike the Robins before him, Tim was considered by fans to be ultra-competent, rivaling the skill of Batman himself. While previous Robins made careers out of disregarded orders and brash behavior, Tim was known for more thought out and logical decisions. The Robins are easily my favorite part of the DC universe, but Tim takes the #1 spot. He’s smart, reliable, and strong.

Image result for tim drake young justice gif

In Young Justice, Tim appears in season two as Robin. In comic books, Tim is regarded as the founder of the Young Justice. He was very close to Superboy and considered him his best friend. In fact, it was Superboy’s death that led to a darker Tim Drake. But still, even when faced with the loss of his best friend, his girlfriend, his parents, and later his adopted father and mentor, he remained a hero. When his adopted brothers gave up on Bruce for dead, it was Tim alone who sought to bring him back.

In Young Justice, we meet Tim as a rather under-confident addition to the team. He seems to feel as though he doesn’t measure up to Dick/Nightwing, or perhaps can’t. As the show goes on, he learns, he grows, and he becomes a confident hero and an equal to the heroes before him.

Red Robin

And that’s Timothy Drake Wayne! Here’s hoping we’ll see further adaptations of him one day.

I shall return with Blue Beetle. Until then, look out for Kara’s post. Until next time!


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