Batman Works Alone…Or Does He?

Everyone knows about Batman. I mean, come on. He’s Batman. But did you know that Bruce Wayne is far from the only Batman in the franchise? Did you know that his sidekick, Robin, was actually not one, not two, but five different people. You know, plus two the Batgirls, Alfred Pennyworth, another guy who was Batman for a while, and Batcow.  Even this list doesn’t cover all of the Batman sidekicks.


But you, know he works alone.

1. Alfred Pennyworth

So Alfred isn’t really in the crime-fighting circuit, but he was definitely a part of Bruce Wayne’s life. Not only was he his legal guardian, family friend, and father figure, but he stayed with Bruce through thick and thin.

2. Richard (Dick) Grayson

The first and perhaps most well known Robin, Dick Grayson was horrifically orphaned at age nine. Before that, he and his parents were circus acrobats. Bruce Wayne took in the boy and later adopted him. While already a skilled acrobat, Dick took to martial arts and became the first Robin. The Boy Wonder was a sensation and faithfully stood by his mentor through many battles. However, when they had a brief falling out, Dick hung up the mantle of Robin and took up the identity of Nightwing. He also was a founding member and leader of the Teen Titans, as well as took up the cowl of Batman himself for a time.

3. Barbara Gordan

Barbara Gordan was the first Batgirl and another crime-fighting partner of the batfamily. Unfortunately, she was shot in the spine by The Joker and was paralyzed for a time. However, she later recovered and took up the mantle of the Oracle.


4. Jason Todd

Jason Todd spent his childhood on the streets after his father was imprisoned. When he was caught trying to steal the tires of the Batmobile, Batman took him in. He became the second Robin. Jason Todd met his demise not long afterwards. He was murdered by The Joker. However, he later came back due to a reality shift and the Lazarus pit. Filled with vengeance and angst, Jason was known to go against Batman’s no-kill-code. He took up the mantle of the Red Hood and currently is part of The Outlaws.

5. Timothy (Tim) Drake

Robin number three and the first one with living parents, Tim Drake was able to deduce the identities of both Batman and Superman. While Batman originally refused to take him as Robin due to the recent and tragic death of Jason Todd, Tim sought out Nightwing. Nightwing was in turn able to convince and Bruce Wayne to take him as Robin. Unlike the previous, Tim shared more of Bruce’s detective mindset. Tim served on the Teen Titans, and later founded the Young Justice. After a time, he took up the name Red Robin.

6. Damien Wayne

The true son of Bruce Wayne, Damien was raised by his mother, Talia Al Ghul in the League of Assassins. Though young, the boy already had quite the amount of blood on his hands. When he met his father, however, he turned away from it and mostly abides by the Batman no-kill-code. When Batman was lost and Dick Grayson took up the cowl, he served as his Robin. His mortal enemy seems to be Tim Drake. While he is a rather cold and heartless little creature, Damien seems to like animals and Batman even allows him to keep pets hoping that it will instill some humanity in him. Hence, Batcow. He also was tragically killed, brought back to life, and was the first of the Batfamily to have superpowers for a short time.

7. Stephanie Brown

Originally called The Spoiler, Stephanie Brown was a love interest to Tim Drake. She was Robin for a very brief time, until she was fired for going against Batman’s orders. Which was rather unfair considering his past Robin’s made a career out of doing just that. She met a tragic demise soon after. While she wasn’t a huge character to Batman himself, she is quite well known due to her relationship with Tim Drake.

And there you have it! Batman’s sidekicks. Hope you enjoyed it!

Season 2 Episode: Bat Tactics


One thought on “Batman Works Alone…Or Does He?

  1. Kara_Author says:

    Hey Kylie!
    Love this 🙂 So much! Actually, the BatFam is kind of one of those sides of comic history that you don’t see people talking about very often, but is really cool. Especially when you think of the fact that Bruce lost everyone as a child, but through his years of crusading as the Dark Knight, he not only adopted three sons, and had one of his own, but also eventually had a ‘family’ around him far bigger than any he’d have by blood 🙂

    A few little things you may want to update…

    Babs eventually regained her ability to walk and is the current batgirl (she’s kind of my favorite DC character ever so yeah 🙂 )…

    Kate Kane was Batwoman (altho not a sidekick…she definitely worked with Batman),

    Cassandra Cane became Batgirl for a while

    Bette Kane is Batwoman’s niece, and was Batgirl for a while (Seems like everyone was, lol) before becoming Batwoman’s sidekick, who has gone by far too many names to count 🙂

    And of course Selina Kyle/Catwoman has lent a lot of help to Batman.

    And Talia Al Ghul, Ra’as Al Ghul’s daughter (Damien’s mom)

    And there my inner nerd had been officially exploited 🙂 A few of those I had to fact check just to be certain memory served, but yeahhh… 🙂


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