5 Movies That Need to be Made

One of the biggest problems a fandom faces is Hollywood productions of your favorite books/comics.  It’s like they make their profession with agonizing waits, terrible casting, and botched storylines.  Of course, we must not ignore the few series that actually get good movies.  But here’s a few I’d like to see done or redone.


1. Artemis Fowl

Lucky for me, this is one that’s going to be produced. I actually wrote a post on it a while back.  As we haven’t got a release date yet, and the rumors have started dying down again, who knows how long we’re going to have to wait for it.

2. Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

Yeah, I know this one has been done, but has it really? What if we got a movie that actually stuck to the story? What if we got a movie that actually had twelve-year-old Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, and Grover that are actually in character? I mean, I’m not an experienced Hollywood person, but I have a hunch it’d do well…

3. Batman and Robin

I’m not really up to date on Batman movies made before the twenty-first century, but it seems like Hollywood refuses to do a movie on the dynamic duo. Every time Robin comes up, they botch the story.


4. The Lunar Chronicles

Really, I just want this series made into like six nine-hour long movies.  Could you imagine seeing these books on the bigscreen? All of the characters, the places. I mean seeing Luna or New Beijing? The wolf soldiers? The Rampion!?

5. Steelheart

I had a few minor quips with the book. But one thing that wouldn’t stop running through my head through the whole thing was how AWESOME of a movie it would make. I’m talking motorcycle chase scenes, superpowers, lot’s of guns, a city of steel. It would be great.

What movies do you guys think need to be made?


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