Why You Should Watch How to Train Your Dragon

How to Train Your Dragon is one of my all-time favorites. There are so many reasons to love this series.

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The story follows the scrawny son of the Viking chief.  His island home of Berk is under near constant attack from the dragons.  As the village outcast, Hiccup has little hope of fulfilling his dream of becoming a dragon slaying warrior.  When he takes the initiative to shoot down the dreaded nightfury, no one was there to see it.  It seems the world is against Hiccup.  But when he meets the feared creature in the woods, everything changes.

1. The characters

Ultimately, I wasn’t sure if I should put characters or world-building at #1. But, here it is. There are so many awesome and well-done characters in this show that I could write a whole other post just on that.

My favorite of all has to be Hiccup Haddock. Hiccup is the hero of the story and really does the role justice. He stands up for peace against his whole society and ends up making his world a better place. He’s a natural leader and shows a great example of it. Plus, he has such a unique character I really don’t even know who to compare him too.


Not only is Hiccup an awesome character, but we have a whole cast to go with him. Astrid, the viking warrior and Hiccup’s right-hand-girl and eventual girlfriend. Then of course we have Snotlout, who strives to live up to his name. It’s really the only thing he’s ever accomplished. The twins, Ruffnut and Tuffnut, who keep the comedy thriving. And Fishlegs, the dragon nerd. These characters make up the main supporting cast, but there are plenty of other great characters.

But what’s How to Train Your Dragon without dragons? Because even the rider’s dragon counterparts has distinct and fun personalities. Intelligent and protective like Toothless, hotheaded and disobedient like Hookfang, and loving like Meatlug.

2. Worldbuilding

To go with our cast of characters, the How to Train Your Dragon universe has a vast and every-growing world to play with. There are so many species of dragons and little things to know about the world the vikings live in. From their island home of Berk, to the secrets of the dragons themselves. They even have their own way to classify dragons.

I can only hope we see another Nightfury someday.

3. Continuity

So far we have the two movies, three shows (with five seasons altogether), four short films, and another movie coming out in 2018. But even with all of this content, How to Train Your Dragon does a great job keeping up with itself. Almost all cartoons (especially if they’re adapted from a movie) have no continuity for more than a two-part episode. But this series actually refers back to itself often, and seems to remember what it’s done in the past. Plus, they don’t make drastic changes to their voice cast. There are some changes, but they’ve done an excellent job finding close matches.

So, if you haven’t seen How to Train Your Dragon, you should totally watch it.  A lot of it is even on Netflix.

Until next time!




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