Upcoming Release – The Fever Code

the-fever-code-coverFans of James Dashner’s The Maze Runner have waited long for the secrets of W.I.C.K.E.D. and the mysteries of Thomas to be revealed. On September 27, the fifth book in the Maze Runner Series, The Fever Code, will be released.

* * * SPOILER ALERT * * *

(For the Maze Runner series. If you have not read the first four books, don’t read this.)


Okay, so we all know how emotionally traumatizing The Death Cure was. Personally, I think the ‘cure’ should be taken out of the title. It would be a whole lot more accurate.  As if The Death Cure wasn’t enough, James Dashner decided to give us the tragic story of how the Flare began. In the first prequel of the series, The Kill Order, we discover the sinister origins behind the Flare virus. After the tragic demise of those main characters, we were left with even more questions.


There’s a reason I bring up The Kill Order.  Many little cameos and clues were hidden in it. For any of you who didn’t know, the little girl Deedee was revealed to be Teresa by James Dashner. So that’s officially canon. We get a tiny little scene with Thomas and Teresa right before he’s sent into the maze, and then we get a little cameo in the epilogue of the book where a three-year-old boy (Thomas) is being taken in.

But what of our answers!? What are their real names? Is Thomas actually responsible for everything that happened? What’s his history with the rest of them? WE MUST KNOW!

The prologue of The Fever Code was released a while back, and was revealed to be in Newt’s point of view. It was gruesome and tragic and kind of broke my heart. Seriously, anything with Newt in it is just painful. It was also confirmed that Newt had a little sister.

So if you haven’t read that already, you should totally look it up.

But beyond that, what can we expect from The Fever Code? James Dashner has revealed multiple clues, and I’ll summarize a few here.

1. We will get some of the characters original names. However, Dashner said on Twitter that Newt’s name will not be among them. Also, it’s been hinted that Thomas’ real name is Steven, and that Dashner cut that revelation from a previous book draft.

2. The origin of Newt’s limp. I am not looking forward to that one.

3. The truth about Thomas and Teresa’s involvement in W.I.C.K.E.D. and the creation of the maze.

4. We will meet Rachel.

5. Though it’s a prequel, Dashner has promised a surprising ending.

Of course we can’t be certain that any of this is true. And for some of it, we can hope it isn’t. But that won’t stop me from anxiously awaiting the 27th.

Now I’d like to give you a few words of wisdom before all you shanks go off and read this book…

Be careful, don’t die.


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