4 Books You Should Read BEFORE Seeing The Movie

There are a lot of movies releasing in the next few weeks to a month that are movie adaptations and by golly am I excited! So in light of what I just said, here are 4 books you should read BEFORE you see the movie! (and the reasons why)


So for the last 2-3 years (maybe more) I’ve made this rule for myself that if there is a movie I really want to see and there is a book that its based off of. I’m going to (try*and ) read it.

*I say try because sometimes books are DNF (Did Not Finish) or if I don’t have any interest in the book and wanna see the movie for movie watching sake, then I make exceptions. 

There are still some movies coming out soon that I haven’t read the book for yet and thats why the list of movies is so small for now because I have a lot of books to read first so this list is just some books I have read so far.

1. Me Before You (June 3rd, 2016)


So I know this movie has already been released but I felt this one was important to mention for a couple reasons. 1. I loved this movie and read the book first and though there are so many people hating the author, movie, and book (without even watching/reading it *angry face) people are misunderstanding the concept and idea of the story itself. So my first reason as to why you should read the book as well is to get more insight to the authors mind as only so much can be fit into a film.

The second reason is there is a certain bit in the movie where the characters relationship (as in getting to know each other) feels very very rushed at one point (due to what I said above with time and stuff) so getting and seeing that connection between characters is a good reason to read the book.

2. All The Bright Places (2017)


I highly suggest reading this book whether or not there was a movie coming out. This novel is a very deep topic surrounding it and one I feel needs to be talked about. My one fear with the movie is that its possible (like Me Before You) that many people will see it differently than what the story is or was meant to be. Visual Media has a different way of showing us things and its possible some stuff in the movie could be taken the wrong way with the amount of impact they have. So I highly highly suggest reading the book first (also just because it is beautifully written).

3. Miss Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children (September 30th, 2016)


I have no other reasoning except that I’ve seen the trailer and some of the peculiars are very different from the book or their abilities are switched with other characters in the book to make them more interesting or what have you…so i’m curious to see what else they’ve done to the movie…and the book is pretty great. So just read it.

4. A Monster Calls ( January 12th, 2017)


Seriously its not that long of a book. Just read it. Its so beautiful and powerful and I can’t wait for the movie!



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