Fandom Terms

Kylie here! If you’re new to the fandom life, or you’re like I was and floated around your fandoms for a long time without knowing what all these little terms meant, fear no more! I’ve got you covered!

1. AU

This one means Alternate Universe. If a fanfiction about a fantasy story takes place in a modern day high-school, then that would be an AU.


2. Canon

By definition, it means the fundamental principle or rule. In fandom terms, it means that a certain fact is true to the published story, movie, comic or whatever.

3. Crossover

A crossover is where two different stories come together for a short time. For instance, DC shows on the CW, Arrow and The Flash, often do crossovers. They already exist in the same universe, but they come together in the same show for an episode. It could be two totally different things in a fanfiction or otherwise. For instance, if someone wrote where Percy Jackson met The Avengers, that would be a crossover. (And an epic one)

4. Con

This one is simply short for convention. A convention is where all the fanpeople get together to cosplay and discuss.


5. Cosplay

Cosplaying is often done at conventions. It means costume play, and is where a fan puts on a costume of a character. It’s pretty awesome.

6. Fanart

This is art done by fans to depict something. It’s kind of like fanfiction, but in drawings or other artwork.

7. Fanfiction

Fanfiction is any story using content of an already published book, TV, or movie, etc… Many time fanfic authors take the story further then it went. As in, showing the characters living their lives after the last pages of the book. Or, they change some canon piece of it. For instance, it’s popular in fanfics of the Maze Runner to change the infamous page 250.

8. Headcanon

A headcanon means someone’s own interpretations of a canon principle. So basically it means something that wasn’t specifically shown or implied, but does not refute any content that was. So if you chose to believe that Jar Jar Binks was a Sith Lord, technically that’s headcanon because there is no canon proof that he wasn’t.

9. OTP

This one stands for One True Pairing. This is the ultimate ship. It’s the ship. Basically, out of all the fandoms you’re in, you’re OTP would be your favorite ship of all.


10. Roleplay

This is cosplaying taken to the next level. Instead of just dressing as a character, you act in character.

11. Ship

This refers to one of those couples that the fandom wants together. Usual they have some little ship name that combines them. Percabeth, anyone?

12. The ‘Feels’

You know those scenes that really get to you? Either sad, happy, or otherwise, those ones evoke the ‘feels’. Basically this can be applied to anything that gave a strong emotion.



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