Hello there again fellow fandom-geeks!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, and I’ve missed you all! *gives free hugs*

My summer was pretty busy, as I’m a Junior Counselor at a camp for abused foster kids, (check out to learn more! It’s an amazing ministry) getting a lot of re-writing done on my novels, and spending time with family. How did you spend your summer? Comment below and let me know! 

Now…on to the reason for this post 🙂 THE FLASH-LEADING LADIES.


Since the new season of THE FLASH will be starting up again in the beginning of October, my friend Alex M. and I were thinking we’d do a few Flash-related posts!

I’m sure you saw her review for this amazing )DC Comics based tv show posted earlier this week! Today I’d like to just briefly address some of the starring ladies in this imaginative superhero series. Here is a countdown from the less lovable characters to my personal favorite.

Do you agree with my list? Comment below!


Patty Spivot



This plucky policewoman won’t take “no” for an answer, even when it’s coming from her boss, or The Flash himself. Patty’s determination is offset by a gentle understanding that helps Barry Allen (The Flash’s real name 😉 ) when he really needs a friend. However, I put Patty at the bottom of my list because her curiosity can sometimes be annoying, and I never felt that her character was that riveting, or fit very well with the rest of the unique cast. Still, she was still a lot of fun to watch, always catching Barry off guard.



Iris West



The daughter of Joe West and practically like a sister (or…a lot more) to Barry, Iris is one of the last to find out his identity, and her obsession with The Flash that surfaced through her career as a journalist was sometimes a bit strange. She also seemed to run headlong into dangerous situations that would have given even Lois Lane pause, and constantly be in need of saving. (That sass though. *cue gif above*) However, post-identity-reveal, Iris’s character really started to come into her own, I thought. Showing her inner strength and resolve to help her family and friends in a way that was both fun to watch and inspiring.


#2 Jesse Wells



Jesse is a character we really haven’t known for long, but she has quickly grown to be one of my favorites. The daughter of Harrison Wells, a brilliant scientist who is willing to do whatever it takes to protect those close to him (including endangering whole cities and unleashing monsters. Ahem.), Jesse was sheltered as a young woman. Brilliant as her father, she desperately wants a chance to do something of her own to make a mark on the world. Her father’s desperation to protect her grows even more intense when Jesse is kidnapped by a villain with a vendetta against Wells–Zoom. (*See gif above*) Flash’s nemesis, and a bad guy who tortures her in a cage for several months. Still, Jesse manages to stay sane and even helps her rescuers at points. Once the Flash and his team save her, Jesse decides to head out on her own–but eventually returns to join the team, and gets touched by the very machine that gave Flash his powers. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing her superhero alter ego, Jesse Quick, very soon here.

#1 Caitlin Snow



My favorite character in the Flashverse, Caitlin has been a part of the series since episode one. A brilliant bio-engineer, she helped to create the Particle Accelerator that eventually caused the Flash to gain his abilities. Even though she is brilliant, Caitlin has a gentle personality, and sometimes struggles with the danger her team is constantly put in. But, she pushes through, always there when Team Flash truly needs it. Not to mention that Caitlin has been through more than her fair share of tragedy. Having watched her Fiancee get incinerated during the explosion of the machine she helped build, only to find that he survived as the superhero Firestorm–but not the same man she fell in love with. Then, once they manage to rebuild their relationship and get married, she loses him again. For real, this time. As if that isn’t enough, in season two, Caitlin learns that in an alternate universe, she gained the ability to create ice and snow, turning into the villain Killer Frost. Who actually kidnaps her (yeah, that was a slightly confusing episode). Still, through all of this, Caitlin continues to grow into the strong, determined, and ingenious woman we have today. (plus, Danielle Panabaker is just so cute 🙂 *see gif above* need I say more?)

There you have it! My list of favorite THE FLASH female characters! What do you think? Anyone I missed? And don’t forget to tell us about your summer! Comment below… 🙂 logo.jpg
















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