Top Five Brodway Shows I Want to See. 

Hey, guys, it’s me Andraya B. As those of you who read my bio and intro post should know I love broadway. So today I thought I’d share the top five Broadway shows I want to see and tell you a little bit about them.

#5 Tuck Everlasting. 


Tuck Everlasting is the newest show on this list. This musical based on the novel by Natalie Babbit follows the story of good girl Winnie Foster (Sarah Charles-Lewis) on her adventure with the Tuck family (Andrew Keenan-Bolger, Robert Lenzi, Carolee Carmello, and Michale Park).

Where she must decide whether or not to  go home to her mother or live forever with the Tucks.

This show first caught my attention when the cast was announced. Andrew Keenan-Bolger


is one of my favorite stage actors (he’s in another musical later in the list as well). So when it was announced that he was cast as Jesse Tuck this show was obviously added to this list. But that’s not the only reason I want to see this show. Tuck Everlasting is on this list because I love the story. I’ve read the novel that this show was based on and would love to see it brought to life on stage. Even though Tuck Everlasting was only on Broadway for a month I hope to see it brought back one day or to see a national tour.

Tuck Everlasting (Original Broadway Cast Recording) by Various Artists

#4 Wicked 

Wicked is one of the better-known shows on this list. This show  based on the novel by Gregory Maguire tells the story of Elphaba (the wicked witch of the west) and Glinda (a.k.a Glinda the good witch) and their life and friendship both before and after Dorthy arrives in Oz.

I discovered this show in the middle of all the hype that was surrounding it. I honestly love this musical so much I could do an entire post on Wicked alone. But here I’ll just list a few. This show has on of the most memorable soundtracks I’ve ever heard. It has everything from the traditional show tunes to a power ballad. This show also  had one of the most amazing casts. wicked originally starred Idina Menzel (a.k.a queen Elsa of  Arendale) as Elphaba, Kristin Chenoweth as Glinda and Jole Grey as the wonderful wizard of Oz. This musical is the winner of three Tony Awards including best actress in musical for Idina Menzel’s performance,  best scenic design to Eugene Lee, and best costume design to Susan Hilferty. wicked was also nominated for many more awards including best musical, best book of a musical and best original score. This show is also one the longest running shows on broadway. That’s  why this show is on the list.

Wicked (Original Broadway Cast Recording) by Various Artists

#3 Fun Home 


This Musical is based on Alison Bechdel’s graphic novel memoir of the same name. It tells the story of Alison at three direct ages. Wheat she must deal with her father coming out as gay and dealing with her own sexuality throughout her life.

Fun Home is one of the most beautiful stories I’ve ever heard. It doses deal With some controversial topics such as family relationships and sexuality when A young Alison finds out her father is gay and she begins to struggle with her own sexuality and eventually realizes that she too is gay. This musical is unique because it is performed in the round. Meaning there is round stage in the middle the of the theater that is completely surrounded by the audience so the performances can be seen from all angles. This show has also won numerous Tony awards including  best musical. This also has one of the most catchy soundtracks I’ve heard from recent broadway shows. some of the songs have a very Jackson five vibe, particularly the song come to the fun home which is sung by the three Bechdel children about their family’s funeral home.

Fun Home (A New Broadway Musical) by Various Artists


#2  Hamilton 


Hamilton is another very well known musical on this  list. Hamilton is a  rap musical that tells the life story of the founding father and first treasury secretary of the United Sates Alexander Hamilton. we learn about his life before he came to the U.S and his fight during the revolution when the U.S separated from Great Britan.

This musical is unique not only because of it being a rap musical but is tells the story of the founding fathers who were all white males using a cast made up almost entirely of actors of color. The only character played by a white actor is King George.this show has also won numerous awards such as a Pulitzer prize for its book. As well as being nominated for a record breaking 16 tony awards 11 of which they won including best musical and the grammy for best musical theater album.this musical is also special because it was written completely by one man. Not only did Lin-Manuel Miranda write the story, music, and lyrics. but he also starred as the titular Alexander Hamilton. although  Hamilton has been his most successful show it is not his first. Miranda also wrote the show in the heights wich also is also a very rap heavy show. and that’s why Hamilton is on this list.
Hamilton (Original Broadway Cast Recording) by Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton

#1 Newsies

Newsies is another show based in history. This show is not only based on the 1992 Disney movie of the same name but was inspired by the real-life newsboy’s strike of 1899. Newsies tells the story of Jack Kelly as he leads a citywide strike to fight aginst a price hike for the newsies because at this time they had to pay for the papers they delivered and would often only be paid enough to buy their papers for the next day.

This show has been one of my favorites for quite a long time.I first discovered it in 2012 while watching the Disneyland Christmas day parade on tv. The cast of Newsies performed the song carrying the banner. I thought the choreography was beautiful and the song was so catchy. This is also the show where I first fell in love with Andrew Keenan-Bolger (I told you he’d be back).He plays my favorite character Crutchie Morris a young newsie that must use a crutch to get around. The Newsies soundtrack does a great job of telling the story without having watched the show. This  show also has some award under its belt. In 2012 the show won the tony for best choreography and best original score and was also nominated for several others including best musical and best actor in a musical for Jeremy Jordan’s performance as Jack Kelly. I’m also excited because this show will be available for us to see in movie theaters. It has been announced that the original broadway cast (Jeremy Jordan,  Kara Lindsay, Andrew Keenan-Bolger  and Ben Fankhauser) are teaming up with the touring company to film the show in L.A and it is set to be released in early 2017. so be prepared for a review when that time comes. And that’s why Newsies is on this list.

Newsies (Original Broadway Cast Recording) by Various Artists


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