The Beauty That is: Gravity Falls

Greetings Fanpeople! It’s Adrianna here with another weird but beautiful love of mine.

I have recently finished my favorite cartoon TV show and I felt it was time to talk about it: That show is Tom and Jerry

Okay, I was joking. Obviously you knew I was going to say Gravity Falls because of the title. And I hate being predictable. So I had to switch it up there, make sure you were paying attention.  giphy (2)

For all you who don’t know me, and haven’t seen the pattern in things I post about: I like weird things when it comes to what I’m a fan of. And I like finding meaning in the things I enjoy. So when I found them gem of TV show called Gravity Falls, with the best mixture of strangeness, light humor, dark moments, and a million ways to take it deeper than the surface of a show.. I was like a kid at a candy store.

gravity falls Wooowoo
Basically me ^


Now, those of you who know a good bit about the show will know that I’m a bit behind if I just recently finished. Which is true. I wish I could have been more involved in this fandom. It is by far, one of my favorites when it comes to a community of fans getting together with something. So for all you peeps who’ve yet to try this because it looks like just a silly cartoon, stay tuned and I’ll show you why I started watching this.

1st. Just let me comment of the quality of this show. It has great and clever humor for both kids and adults. The animation and voice acting  are charming and welcoming. The whole premise is fun. Two Twins go over to Oregon to stay with their Great Uncle over the summer, in a town that attracts weirdness.

The show amazing direction. Yes, I said direction, all through the crazy adventures of these twins, everything is used to further the plot Every little thing in this show is taken into count. All the side characters are never forgotten. And this little world starts to feel more and more real as you learn the lore of it. See how everything works together and you start to love the characters.

And if you’re the kind to like to analyze the shows you watch, as I do.You’ll love this show


giphy (3)

There are Easter eggs galore. Everywhere you look there’s something to decode. Backwards messages in the audio, random things scrawled everywhere with new cipher you have to use to decode them.

Take for example the first episode: S1e1_barf_gnome_code.png

This code of what seems to be random combination of letters appears at the end of each episode.

This one says “Welcome to Gravity Falls”

I won’t give away the cipher just in case there are people actually interested in figuring it out for themselves *hint theme song hint* But if you want you can look them up, I’m pretty sure all of them have been solved by now.

But there’s always something fun about getting with your family and playing back clips to figure out the secret message about the secrets of Gravity Falls. Scrawling down codes and retracing letters, using ciphers, and googling how to break codes, was probably the most fun I’ve had with a TV show. And for me and my brother it was a show we watched together, and bonded over brainstorming theories about it.

This show is amazingly interactive. The creator is very aware of the fanbase and will tweet out hints to help out the loyals code cracking fans.

But the thing about this show is you can still enjoy it without any of that!

I personally, love the show.

garvity falls waddles
If I could hug this show, I would

I greatly encourage you to watch this. And just because it’s “over” (we’ll have more on the debate on that later) There’s still so much fun to be had with it. And the fandom is most certainly not dead!

So that’s my recommendation for this week.  And I’ll be writing some more spin-off posts about this show.

So those of you who are in this fandom with me: Stick Around! Soon enough I’ll pop back to discuss things like Bill Cipher (and how he works as a great villain)  My favorite theories, If it’s really “over” and what writers can learn from the show!

Let me know what you think about Gravity Falls! I love starting up discussion, and I believe this is one show you can discuss thoroughly.

Till next time, fanpeople! Catch ya later!




One thought on “The Beauty That is: Gravity Falls

  1. erinsdottedpages says:

    My sister and I watch it waay more often than I think we’d like to admit. (well, I would anyway) It’s so out there, but still makes some crazy sort of sense. I especially like Bill as a villain. I like how they made him suitably twisted, and not evil for the sake of it. (well, he is, but as he says, it’s all for his version of fun)

    Liked by 1 person

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