Hey Guys, It’s Alex M. here!

I have been super excited all summer for the ever-growing dc-cw superhero television franchise to return. I recently watched the comic-con panels for each of the shows and decided to work with Kara S. and write a series of posts for each of the TV shows. Kara will be writing about individual characters and I will be writing about overall shows. First up…The Flash




Spoiler Alert!!!!!!!!










The last time we saw Barry, he ran back in time and stopped the reverse flash from killing his mother…

Which brings us to… FLASHPOINT!!!!!

When watching the comic-con panels, you can tell that the actors and producers are obviously super excited about the upcoming season so we probably have a lot in store…(including a rich cisco? Hopefully some killer frost…and Kid flash!)

The CW flash trailer “time strikes back”


Now that youv’e seen that…


Watch this

Comic con trailer for the flash

So, while watching the comic con panels, the cast and producers talked about seeing not one, but two villains this year! They named doctor alchemy, and they said the second would be a speedster.

So, although all that’s awesome, lets take you back to where this thing started…

The flashpoint comic series was created by Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert. In this comic series the flash wakes up in an alternate timeline, where captain cold is a superhero and the flash, superman, and the justice league don’t exist.

This flashpoint, however, should be VERY different. The actors and producers from all of the other cw/dc t.v. shows have all said that this flashpoint doesn’t really effect any of the other shows, so it won’t be anything like the comics. Also, Barry keeps his powers in this timeline (which didn’t happen in the comics).

This raises some questions about the big four night crossover…like how long will we acually get to see this flashpoint universe? And how on earth is legends going to fit in to this? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Catch ya later!

Alex M.

(By the way…the kid flash costume is below)

Image result for kid flash cw


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