New Fandoms | A Chance to Join Early

Hello all you Beautiful People.

Now if any of you are like me, then you know the struggles of joining a fandom that is already a couple of years old. Which usually involves binge watching or reading the series. And there is nothing wrong with joining a fandom later on in it’s life span. But sometimes you would like to be ahead in at least something. To be able to say “I was there from the beginning.”

So today  I thought I would make a list of some of the brand new Fandoms. Ones that have only recently, and ones still to come.

Netflix Series | Stranger Things

Tv Series | The Get Down

Tv Series | West World

Tv Series | Legends of Tomorrow

Movie | Miss Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children

Movie | Suicide Squad

Movie | Pete’s Dragon

Movie | Nerve

Movie | Doctor Strange

Movie | Justice League

Movie | Power Rangers

Movie | Wonder Woman

Movie | Beauty and the Beast


Let me know if there are any I have missed! That’s just a small number of things to look forward to. What are some fandoms you have been in since the beginning?



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