Young Justice

Me and my little brother love watching superhero cartoons, much to the dismay of our sisters. A while back we stumbled upon Young Justice and it was an instant binge watch.


The show follows the teen sidekicks of the Justice League as they form their own team and take on challenges in the form of Justice League mandated missions. Together, they form a diverse bunch of abilities and backgrounds and develop them onto the level of the Justice League itself. They take on such villains as Sportsmaster, Vandal Savage, Killer Frost, and Simon. Basically, they’re a back-up team for the Justice League.

Season one of the show follows such teen heroes as Dick Grayson/Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Miss Martian, Superboy, and Artemis. There are a few heroes borrowed from the Teen Titans roster.4395bf19d6f915411ccdfb90a770fb7a

One of my pet-peeves about such super-hero cartoons such as Marvel’s Ultimate Spiderman is that there is little background information given on any of the characters. (I still love that show, however.) Sometimes you’d get an origin story, but you never actually got full-on backstory. Young Justice is a lot more generous with their backstory. The characters each get some context given to them, their mentors, and their pasts. Although it may not all be comic-book-canon.

Season two really kicks it up a notch. Without spoiling everything, I’ll just mention the name Blue Beetle, Beast Boy, a graduated Dick Grayson turned Nightwing, and Tim Drake as Robin. The plot is awesome. An alien invasion with mysterious ties to the young justice team themselves. There’s traitors, mysteries, cool tech, and supervillain after supervillain! But be warned, you will need a lot of tissues to get you through the finale. It’ll getcha.

Unfortunately Cartoon Network has a nasty habit of canceling their best shows. As such, we only got two seasons before Young Justice was cut and replaced with Teen Titans Go! Which, in my opinion, was a very poor decision. There is a huge gap between the two seasons that were completely left out. We even got an allusion to a fallen Jason Todd, but no story to go with it. Tons of plots seem to come out of no where. It was like I missed two or three seasons, when in fact, they were for some reason never made. While rumors of a renewal abound, none have been confirmed. Who knows, maybe Netflix will rescue it.


Either way, you should watch this show.


One thought on “Young Justice

  1. Kara_Author says:

    AH! I LOVE YJ! Such a good show! And I totally agree. They did such a good job with the character development, team dynamics, interesting battles, and constantly upping the tension. Season two was amazing (Although It made me really sad that Connor and M’gan had kind of had a falling out. AND KID FLASH> *cries*). Such a good show though!


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