Nerve – We Dare You

Nerve – an online game of truth or dare, where your every move starts to become manipulated by an anonymous community of “watchers.”

Are you a watcher or a player?


Heyo! Adriana G. here to talk about and review the movie Nerve with you lovely people. So lets get to it!


Okay so before I start this review I have to brag for a moment and say this. My cousin is a literary agent and she was the agent of Jeanne Ryan who is the author or the book Nerve!

Also random fact, I do believe this is the first movie I’ve seen (in a long time) that I haven’t read the book to first. But let me say this. This movie was FANTASTIC.



As I said, I didn’t read the book first so I have nothing to compare the movie story with to the book BUT the story of this movie worked very well on its own. I say that cause I know from past experience when watching a movie adaptation there seems to be a lot left out or the story doesn’t stand well on ‘its own two feet’ without the back knowledge of the book itself but this was not the case with Nerve.

The story was very compelling and I was hooked instantly. Didn’t take me long to get attached and invested fully into the movie/story.



The visuals and filming in this movie were ON POINT! – I loved the many shots and angles as if from watching from someones own phone camera or laptop and the many closeups on that way. As the timers for each dare counted down those kind of shots were used and it was a crazy and intense way to throw the viewer inside the movie itself in a new way. The director did an AMAZING job with the setup of shots and how they were taken. It was unique and not really something I’ve really seen before in movies.



ACTING ON POINT! Thats really all I gotta say. Emma Roberts is such a cutie and a great actor and can we just talk about Dave Franco for a second? I mean….his face tho


You can’t deny he’s got a beautiful face ( XD ) okay okay but that aside I’ll go back to the whole acting thing as thats what I’m supposed to be discussing…

*clears throat*

So yes, the acting was really amazing and the cast was very well cast and honestly none of these actors were a disappointment in their performance and really helped bring the movie to life even more!





Overall I LOVED this movie. I was really impressed as I wasn’t really sure what to expect or how good it was going to be in general but I was wrong. I very much enjoyed it and became so invested emotionally in the movie that I just couldn’t sit still and there were so many intense scenes where I just sat there holding my breath scared that if I breathed wrong I would doom the characters or something and they would get in more trouble. The actors were amazing and did a really good job making everything feel real and believable and the filming aspect really helped bring that to life as well. Amazing movie and a definite must watch. I know I will be going again for sure!


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