We’re back!

Oh boy.

Can you tell its been summer around here or what??


But either way, we’re back!

This is just a quick post to announce that in the next half an hour to thirty minutes (what?? I’m not a ninja fast blog post typer-uper ) I, Adriana Gabrielle, am gonna be uploading a project us girls have been working on these last few weeks and in order to keep it going we need your help!

What do we need your help with??? Well wait like at the MOST an hour and I’ll show you. I PROMISE.

WELL. With that said. I also have a blog post (or maybe two) on The Ghostbusters movie coming and also some other fun things I haven’t really planned out yet…BUT you get the point! For the most part us girls are back and posting and we are all still very much alive.


Until the next post! (I’M SO EXCITED YOU GUYS)
Adriana G.



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