Your Friendly Neighbourhood Spiderman!

Hello My Lovely Fandom People!

So huge mess up on my end but I THOUGHT I had scheduled this post for last Friday…but it turns out I didn’t…so my fault. Normally I would check but I was out of town for my boyfriend’s grad and all that fun stuff. BUT at least today is Friday so its take two for this post 😛

So. Spider-Man. Spidey is and has been one of my favourite heroes since I was about seven or eight years old.  I grew up as a spiderman lover simply because my dad was big into comics when I was growing up and I was allowed to read them too.


As I mentioned in my previous post I enjoyed the way Marvel introduced our new Spiderman. It was creative and exactly what I’ve been wanting in a character introduction. But today I’m not talking about that again. Today I’m going to talk about a few things I’m excited about for the new Spider-Man Movie


#1 -NO Origin Story! YAY!

We’ve seen it twice already! So I’m a happy happy fangirl. I get it there may be some people who don’t really know Spidey or his story. (Yes, those kinds of people exist…) BUT as I’ve mentioned before, Civil War gave enough of that story for new fans or people who may not know Your Friendly Neighbourhood Spiderman very well. Also, since we don’t have a full origin story we may still see some flashbacks or hints but THANK GOODNESS no more origin story do-overs!

Dance Happy Spiderman Deadpool


#2 – He’s a little baby!!!!

Yay! — Ok not actually the actor is 19 but still. Oh gosh. Thats how old I turned two weeks ago… O.O I just called someone my age a baby! that is not what I mean ok? I just mean its exciting to have an actor who actually looks like he is or could be in high school as spider-man is supposed to be. I mean Andrew Garfield was a fabulous spidey but he looked like he should be in College…and don’t even get me started on Tobey Macguire …




#3 – His personality is ON FREAKING POINT!!!

His Humor and Awkwardness was captured and conveyed BEAUTIFULLY. Spidey is known for his sense of humour and he is also quite awkward. Well Peter Parker is… but anyways. I’m excited to see what this new actor will bring to the table in that way. But I was very pleased by his role in Civil War so I’m sure he will do fine.


What are your thoughts on the new Spidey? Any aspects you’re excited to see the new actor bring to life in the character? 

Until Next Time!

Adriana G.


2 thoughts on “Your Friendly Neighbourhood Spiderman!

  1. cntrldgeek says:

    Yes! I especially agree with #3, I think Tobey Maguire sounded like he was constantly in a calm Peter state with his voice except for when “MARY JAAAYNE!” And I like Andrew but he just didn’t seem like a nerd, with his hair style and what not.

    Are you as excited as I am for the new #SPIDERMANPS4 game???! It looks great!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Adriana Gabrielle says:

      Yes! Both Andrew and Tobey had the certain aspects of Spidey/Peter down but some aspects were missing! This new actor seems promising! and I haven’t looked at the game too much yet! Heard of it though. I might have to take a look into it more.


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