Zootopia: Deep Themes with Disney’s Charm

Greetings Fanpeople! I’m finally back with some content. And today I’ll be talking about a movie that instantly hit my top five after like five minutes.

Disney’s new Zootopia. Zootopia-Wallpaper-disneys-zootopia-39294733-1920-1080 (1)

At first glance, I thought this was just a nice play on how Disney and many other animated companies have human-like animals and main characters. This time they were taking it a step forward. A whole world just for the animals!

That’s what I thought coming into the movie. I knew absolutely nothing about the plot, characters, or even main theme of the movie. So other than hearing it was really good by a few people, I didn’t have much expectations for this movie.

Now, would you believe me if I said this movie about a society run by animals was the most accurate representation of American society I’ve seen in a long time? Or what if I said that it hit on important issues in the least biased way of almost anything else that deals with those things?

This movie did this so well that many people argue it’s not even a kid’s movie at all. Because it’s just that well thought out and executed. And, trust me, nothing is shoved down your throat. You can believe anything and still think this movie accurately showed sides of society that are everywhere.

It hit on racism, stereotypes, bias,  and how the way people think of you affects what you do. You can either become who you are and define you (Mike, in the beginning), or you can rise above it and exceed expectations (Judy).


The two main characters contrast and compliment each other very well. Each have things that they have to work on and overcome throughout the movie.

Their relationship with each other is believable too. One being a rabbit and the other a fox, the movie hits on how that would go about in that world. How each of them are seen as respective species (molding races in the context of our world today). Rabbits are seen as being naive, weak, and cute. Foxes are predators, sly, cunning, and always up to no good.

Both of them take the way the world sees them differently, in how they let it affect them as people. Judy takes it to heart, but swears to never stop trying, and aims to do more. When Mike embraces it and becomes exactly what everyone saw him as.

But even though all of these themes the movie hits on are pretty adult and deep, it’s still full of clever humor and charming features. Zootopia is full of moments that make you bust up laughing. I’d have to say, watching it with friends and family is the best way to go.

It’s a very involved movie. It captures and enthralls you. And because their world is so like our own, and the characters to like normal people that it’s easy to get involved in it.

Zootopia 2

The whole world in this movie is so deep and well developed. And it portrays our world today without gimmicks. It feels authentic and original.

I’d also like to add some things about the main character. Not only is she one of those main characters who want to make a difference and change the world. She doesn’t always succeed. In fact she messes up and strays from her path just like anyone else. (Plus can I just say I love the how she was a police officer. And the way police were portrayed in this movie. They did it in such a wonderful and honest way.)

I need to cut this thing short, because I can talk about this movie for hours. And I’m trying not to give too many spoilers. So, I won’t go into the twists and literary devices used in the movie. But trust me, there is much more to be praised than what I shortly said here.

If you haven’t watched it, be sure to. And add some to the conversation. I’d love to see what you think!


Do you think it works as a kids movie, or was the one jump scare/other scary elements along with the themes too much for kids?
What can people take from this movie about how to treat people today?
Can you relate to some of the characters and what they deal with on a normal basis?

And lastly: Why do you think that though Disney can make a movie that hits on all these tough and important topics, unbiased, in a movie about talking animals, we don’t we see more of this everywhere else?



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