Armageddon 2016

Hello Everyone

It’s Rachel here. Over the Queens Birthday weekend I traveled to Wellington to go to Armageddon (and for those who don’t know what that is; it is a New Zealand Comic Con) So I’m gonna tell ya’ll about it!


First of all, there were loads of nerds/geeks there. So I fit right in. It was awesome! (I fangirled so hard)  I traveled down there by myself, which is a first. But wasn’t alone for to long, till I found some friends of mine and spend a whole lot of time with them. But even when I was by myself I still found people to talk to.

(I’m the one on the left wearing the grey cardie. And on the right is my friend Victoria)

I got hardly any photos, even though I could have… I was kinda struggling to multi task. All the stalls had really neat stuff. If I had had more money, I would have brought a lot of stuff.

(These are what I purchased. I love them so much! I had to buy a sword)  


I also to kill time I randomly learned how to play this card game. I have no idea what it’s called. Only that it involved Anime and it was confusing. But fun to learn.

That’s really all I have to share. It was an amazing day! And I am so excited for next year.



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