When Robots Become Gods (Avengers: Age of Ultron)

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Hello fan people!

Since Civi War is full swing in theaters and in hearts, I thought it might be cool to build up to it through a post about its predecessor–Age of Ultron.

Now, I think we can all agree:


Certainly not as good as Civil War. But, it definitly still had some cool aspects.

Like this scene:



These kids:







This joke:


And even Gollum managed to find his way into the movie:

gollum claw.jpg

But, over all, the movie just didn’t pack the same “KA-POW!” as the first Avengers. Why was that?

A lot of reasons, I think, but one of them was that I felt like Joss Wedon was trying so hard to up his game, he sort of lost what makes Marvel movies so great in the first place: the characters.

There were definitely some great moments, Clint and the twins were some of my favorites! And his family!


But, a lot of the other characters sort of got lost in the jumble.

(And this was just a BAD IDEA. BAD…BAD…BAD…BAD.)

nope bructasha.jpg


One of the other factors that I didn’t think really lent itself to a great movie was Ultron himself.

The guy was like a metallic body builder trying to replicate Loki.

Think about it:

  • Both tried to pry the Avengers apart, make them uncertain of each other.
  • Both recruited people against their wills, (or, through manipulation)
  • Both sent a giant army to destroy  very small area (NY–Sokovia) where the Avengers finally took them down through a last ditch effort.
  • Both claimed they were much better than any of the humans–even going so far as to say they were a gods…

And that, ladies and gents, is what this post is really about.

Ultron’s God-Complex.

From the beginning of the movie, Ultron has been all about rising above and making the world (*cough cough* HIMSELF) better–even if that means taking a few billlion casualties.

It started with J.A.R.V.I.S. (Rest his soul…cybernetics…hard drive?), the helpful and lovable A.I. that Ultron decided he wanted to be more like–and destroyed in the process.



The carnage only carried on from there. And why? What was Ultron’s motive in all of this?

“I’m on a mission. Peace in our time.”

Sounds pretty legit, right? At first, at least. But, how was he going to achieve that?

“You want to protect the world, but you don’t want it to change. How is humanity saved if its not allowed to evolve? Look at these, these puppets? There’s only one path to peace: The avengers extinxtion. “

Pretty Knarly, right? Oh, but it just gets more fun…

“Did you know this church is in the exact center of the city? The elders decreed it so everyone would be equally close to God. I like that. The geometry of belief.

I’ve come to save the world. But also, yeah (to end the Avengers).”

You see that? That right there? What is he doing?

He’s elevating himself above humanity. Above the Avengers. He’s saying that HE is their savior. The one to put their wrongs to right.

Oh ho ho, but not just to put their wrongs to right. Ultron wants to become something more than that. His little mantra about the Church was no small thing–and throughout the movie he continuously quotes the Bible.

Ultron sees himself as the ultimate savior–as a god. Maybe, he even thinks he is the God.

But guess what? I’ve got news for him: He’s not.

So, so, so many reasons why this guy’s god-complex was faulty, beyond just the fact that it gave him the “excuse” to take countless lives because he was above those lives, but I think Ultron also was desperate to be something more.

Desperate to prove he wasn’t just another one of Tony’s creations. He talks about evolving, but he doesn’t really mean that. He doesn’t want to just be the next piece of technology on the conveyor belt–he wants to be distinct.

But, he’s not. And its killing him.

He practicically rips off a guy’s arm because he says that Ultron is “one of Stark’s.”

Because the truth is, Ultron will always be something artificial that a human created. He cannot rise beyond that no matter how hard he tries.

Even his humor is a reflection of Tony.

Cap: “No one has to break anything.”

 Ultron: “Clearly you’ve never made an omelet.”

Tony: “He beat me by two seconds.”

But, maybe that’s okay.

Maybe Ultron doesn’t actually have to be some world-renown robot. Maybe he doesn’t actually have to save humanity from itself. Maybe all he has to do is what he was created to do in the first place–protect it.

Because if Ultron had only accepted what he was created to be, and had realized that being a “suit of armor around the world” actually was a pretty noble cause, maybe he wouldn’t have needed more. He wouldn’t have eventually caused his own destruction.


Whenever I watch that movie, I always find myself relating a bit to Ultron. Because, after all, he probably got that drive to become something more than he was created to be unwittingly from Tony.

That is a very human desire–albeit a usually sinful one. How many people on our planet want to change what they were created as? Their gender, their face, their friends? How many people decide they can be something without their maker? They throw themselves into their jobs. Their families. Their dreams. All of this in an attempt to prove that they don’t need Him. Their Creator. Their God.

There are no strings on me.

But, what if those strings aren’t a bad thing? What if we were all created to be something absolutely beautiful? But we are just fragile dolls. Without those strings, how could we dance?

God created us to have freedom–but freedom in His will. He intends only amazing and world-changing things for us, even if sometimes it means we have to go through the fire to reach that.

Why do we so often decide to be our own savior? Like Ultron, we refuse to admit that we were created for a purpose, choosing our own instead that only hurts those around us and ourselves.

Ultron’s drive to be the savior he thought the world needed resonates with us because we think we have to be the very same thing. But as Captain America so aptly put it…

“There’s only one God, Ma’am. And I’m pretty sure he doesn’t dress like that.”

So let’s let the true Savior do His thing, and simply be content with the special people he created us to be. And who knows? We might find our selves in the process, and not take off anyone’s arms. 😉

What did you think of my post? Have you ever thought of Ultron that way? What is your favorite Marvel Movie?











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