Now THAT is how you introduce a character!

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Adriana G. here and I’m back after The Fandom Studio’s short break after the A to Z Blogging Challenge we did in April. I’m here today to talk about how, in movies, introducing a new actor playing a character we’ve already seen in a few movies NEEDS TO and SHOULD BE done. (In case you’re wondering. My seeing two recent superhero movies has triggered this post. Take a good guess as to which two I’m gonna talk about.)

In case you haven’t already guessed I’m putting Spider-Man and Batman together here to analyze and show you how introducing a new actor (same character we’ve seen before) should be done!

I’m trying to to figure out if maybe I’m just picky when it comes to DC in general ( I’m a marvel girl) but I kinda wanna explain my ways of thinking and why I liked the way Marvel approached Tom Holland’s taking up the role of Spider-Man as opposed to DC’s approach with Ben Affleck’s taking up the role of Batman.

*Please NOTE that these are my own personal opinions that people may not agree with. And thats okay. I understand that. I don’t want any arguments to begin. Discussion is okay. Arguments are not *



FIRST UP is Ben Affleck’s Batman

I personally was not a huge fan of Affleck’s Batman at all. Maybe its because I adore Bale as Batman and can’t accept the change. But part of it is also how they introduced the new actor as the character!

For me, redoing the origin story ticked me off and made the already confusing Batman plotline even MORE confusing?


Because they redid the freaking origin story! DC wasted precious time to better help viewers (I almost said readers! Ha! #bookreviewerprobs)


The time they wasted redoing Bruce Wayne’s origin story (that literally EVERYONE knows wether you are a comic/Batman fan or not) made me frustrated because I was spending more time connecting with the kid who played young Bruce and not enough connecting to what the new actor was going to bring to the table upon taking up this role. THAT is what I wanted to see. Not his origin story. Not again.

Now I’m sure that Affleck is a wonderful actor. But I wasn’t convinced because DC gave Affleck this huge role and a lot of high expectations (like my own) to live up to and they failed by giving confusing flash-backs (??) to future events and then to when he was a child and all Bruce Wayne did was sit around on his butt pouting like a baby while Superman did all the work. Honestly DC failed at convincing me that this guy is going to be a good Batman simply for the fact that he brought nothing new to the character and basically undid everything Christian Bale did as this character instead of build on it. Now I’m sure most of it is the writers fault as opposed to the actor but FIRST IMPRESSIONS ARE EVERYTHING.





Next up is Tom Holland’s Spider-Man!

(Basically this post is a comparison of what to do and not to do but oh well. I’m hoping this will help people see where I’m going with this whole connection with the character thing.)

I’m not gonna lie, when I first heard they re-cast Holland as Peter/Spidey I was pretty miffed. I mean can you blame me? Andrew Garfield is cute *cough* AND did a really good job as Spidey. I was really worried because I really didn’t know who this teenager (ok he’s my age. So young adult? or still teen? I dunno) was and what he was gonna bring to the table. I mean I knew he was probably gonna do really well as Marvel (most of the time) casts their character really well.

When it was finally confirmed that Spidey would be in Captain America: Civil War I got a little more excited cause this was like a sneak peek as to what this actor was going to bring to his own movies…and this sneak peek type thing (Spidey’s appearance in Civil War wasn’t long when you put all the scenes together so it was basically a sneak peek) was FABULOUS and has now made me extremely excited for the next movie (I’ll talk about the next movie in a few weeks 😉 )

Marvel did wonderfully in introducing this new character. They didn’t redo an origin story when other things were supposed to be happening *cough* Batman vs Superman I’m looking at you! *cough* They gave enough information that if SOMEHOW you didn’t know who Spider-Man was and what his story was, then you would have a basic idea of what went down in his life but for those who were waiting to see what this actor would bring to this new role you were shown his personality and humour and also expanded on his life and where he is at currently. No backstory just. “Hi, I’m Peter Parker. I’m in high school, get straigh A’s and I’m a super hero newbie and let me just say, these last 6 months have been SO weird.’


Moving on.


THAT is how you introduce a new character. As I said I will expand more on Spidey and his new movie in another post on June 3rd and that will kind of explain more on how introducing and old character but new actor should be done.


What are your thoughts on Ben Affleck’s Batman? Did you like how they went about introducing him? What about with Spider Man in Civil War?? Comment below and I’ll reply as soon as I possibly can!


3 thoughts on “Now THAT is how you introduce a character!

  1. cntrldgeek says:

    While I think BATffleck was good, I agree, we didn’t need a redone origin story, it took time away from other plot points to be explained a bit better. That’s why I’m excited about this new Spider-Man movie! NO. ORIGIN. STORY! Maybe a quick flashback or better yet, a mentioning, but nothing more, leaving the rest of the time (Presumably 2 and a half hours, I hope) for the main story of the movie. There are many other reasons I’m excited, though! Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

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