Z – Zulu or Zebra?

Hello Fanpeople! Maddy back again this time with the last, but certainly not the least, post for the Blogging From A to Z challenge!

Today’s topic is:


The Phonetic Alphabet.

I don’t know how many of you know about/have heard of the phonetic alphabet – so here’s an overview:

The phonetic alphabet is primarily used by the military and the aviation industry, because when you are using radios, it can be somewhat difficult to understand people.

And as it is will all great things – necessity was the mother of invention.

Below is a list of both the military and civilian phonetic aphabets, military above and civilian below,  (please note that the ‘military’ alphabet is also used in avaiation).


A – Alpha (al-fa)

Adam (Ahh-Dam)

B – Bravo ( Bra-voh)


C – Charlie (Char-lee)

Charles (Char-l-ess)

D – Delta (Dell-ta)

David (Day-vid)

E – Echo (Eh-co)

Edward (Ed-ward)

F – Foxtrot (Fox-trot)

Frank (F-rank)

G – Golf (Go-lf)

George (Jor-j)

H – Hotel (Ho-tell)

Henry (Hen-ree)

I – India (Indee-ah)

Ida (I-da)

J – Juliet (Ju-lee-et)

John (J-hon)

K – Kilo (Kee-lo)

King (K-ing)

L – Lima (Lee-ma)

Lincoln (Lin0kin)

M – Mike (My-K)

Mary (Mare-ee)

N – November (No-vem-burr)

Nora (Nor-a)

O – Oscar (Oss-Car)

Ocean (O-shan)

P – Papa (Paw-paw)

Paul (Pawl)

Q – Quebec (Ke-beck)

Queen (Kw-een)

R – Romeo (Row-me-o)

Robert (Ro-bert)

S – Sierra (See-air-a)


T – Tango (Tan-go)


U – Uniform (You-nee-form)

Union (Yoon-yon)

V – Victor (Vic-tor)

Victor (Vic-tor)

W – Whiskey (Wh-is-key)

William (Will-yam)

X – X-Ray (Ex-ray)

X-Ray (Ex-ray)

Y – Yankee (Yan-Key)

Yellow (Yell-oh)

Z – Zulu (Zoo-loo)

Zebra (Zee-bra)


The phonetic alphabet, while not exactly widespread is something that crops up a fair bit when it comes to movies and tv (and to a lesser degree, books).  So ya’ll may have heard some phrases etc. using the phonetic alphabet and not realized it at the time.  Some oft. heard phrases using the phonetic alphabet are:

Oskar Mike: On the Move

Bravo Zulu: Well Done

Charlie Mike: Continue Mission


As always!


-Maddy C.


9 thoughts on “Z – Zulu or Zebra?

    1. opinionatedgeekgirl says:

      It’s really weird at first – but once you get used to it, or in my case; have to learn it and have it memorized for regular use – it’s actually pretty cool knowledge to have. 😉
      -Maddy C.


      1. opinionatedgeekgirl says:

        I made it a birthday game once 😛 – coincidentally Adriana G. was there as well, it was a fun birthday party
        -Maddy C.


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