X-X Men

“Welcome to Xavier’s school for gifted youngsters…”

Yes. That’s right. Today’s installment of our challenge we’re going to be fangirling about mutants. The X-Men, that is.


Alright, I’ll admit it right now. I (kara S.) may really love these group of gifted misfits, but I have never actually read a comic about them. *crawls into corner and puts on cone of shame*

However, I have seen a lot of the cinematic versions.

Like this one…

X men movie.jpg

And that one…

X men evolution better.jpg

Oh, this one was fun! 

x men animated series

Sooo…yeah. Today I wanted to list some of my favorite characters, and a few that I think haven’t had nearly the screen time (or ANY) that they deserve. But, considering that there are bazzilions of x-men throughout the Marvel universe, that kind of is hard to avoid.

Anyway, let’s begin!

Obviously, there’s really only one character to start this list off with. And since it seems Hugh Jackman is pretty close to being finished with the character, let’s really appreciate the times we’ve had, shall we?


Totally awesome boss who has an amazing backstory and the heart of a teddy bear. This guy, though. Born with the mutant ability to heal from just about any wound, he was eventually part of a secret operation where his bones were replaced with adamantium (the same metal Cap’s shield is made out of) and he was give razer-sharp claws that pop out of his fists.

“Does it hurt?”

“Every time.”

Wolverine face shot.jpg

STORM (Ororo)

I have yet to find a movie version of her that I absolutely loved. I really like how she was shown in the first X-Men movie, with her gorgeous long hair and adventuresome nature, while also being kind and caring. Although, I felt like she almost seemed too fragile at times. Still, she’s the queen of Wakanda and an amazing lady. In case the name didn’t give it away, Ororo can also control the weather.

Storm Halle Berrie .jpg


Another of my favorite characters who hasn’t had much screen time. She was super fun and a very sweet teenager (without all the drama 🙂 ) in the tv show. I think she’s going to be in Apocalypse though, so maybe she’ll have a bigger part! Kitty can “phase” through nearly any substance…sliding easily through walls and floors. That’d be handy in a mansion with an underground training system, right?

kitty pride shadow cat.jpg


Although sometimes facing off against the X-men, Gambit is usually on their side and a loyal member of the team. With his charming nature, amazing ability to charge objects with electricity (generally his trademark playing cards), and past as a thief and pickpocket, Remy is both lethal and fun to watch.

Gambit face shot

ROGUE (Anna Marie)

One of the most unusual characters in the X-Men mythos, Rogue posses the ability to drain the life force from others–and take their mutant ability in the process. However, this is one gift the southern girl never wanted. Constantly afraid to become attached to those around her, it isn’t till Wolverine takes this young lady under his wing that she begins to realize that she can thrive in spite of her dangerous ability. Fun Fact: Rogue and Gambit actually get married eventually in the comics.

Rogue face shot

FIRESTAR (Angelica)

I’ll admit, I first met this character on the children’s cartoon show Spiderman and His Amazing Friends (which, lets be honest, is actually pretty much meant for adults too) and instantly fell in love. Unlike her close friend Ice Man, Firestar is a member of the X-Men who has yet to make it on the silver screen. With the ability to control fire (and basically turn into a ball of flame and fly) this red head has a fiery personality too. But, Angelica always has time for lending a helping hand…or petting ms Lyon.

Firestar face shot.jpg


Another character that I look forward to seeing a new incarnation of, as I feel that the past ones have been rather odd. Then again, Kurt has one strange past. The son of Azazel and Mystique, this guy is not only blue, has a tail, three fingers and flat feet…but he can also teleport! A wisecracking teenager in some versions (which is what I suspect we’ll see in the new X-men movie)…or a serious, strong adult in others, Nightcrawler is hard to forget.

Nightcrawler kurt.jpg

X-23 (Laura)

Now this is one powerful young lady. A clone of Wolverine, X-23 strugges to figure out where exactly she fits into the world. Sharing Logan’s signature healing ability and two claws, she is fierce and effective. Yet, she is also very human–something that Logan himself helps to coax out of her. This is one intense gal I’d love to see take on Wolverine sometime on the big screen.


Well, there you have it! A list of some of my favorite X-men. Some well known, some not as familiar.

And in case you haven’t seen it…here’s the new trailer for X-Men Apocalypse!


Who is your favorite X-Man (or woman)? Have you read the comics? What issue or movie have you really enjoyed? Are you excited about Apocalypse? I sure am!



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