W – We Don’t Believe What’s On TV (TOP)

Hello Readers!

Adriana G. here! Can you believe we are almost done with this challenge? Its gone by soooooooo fast and I can’t believe we are in the final days of April! My life is gonna get so crazy for the next month and I just:


BUT ANYWAYS. This post is not meant to be about my life and how crazy its gonna get… now where was I? Oh! Yes!

This month is going by so fast!


… Anyways if you can’t tell from the post title and gifs, today I’m gonna talk about Twenty One Pilots! (TOP)

So lets do this!


Ok I’ll tone it down with the gifs… (maybe) #sorrynotsorry

SO. Adrianna has done a few posts (post 1, post 2) before about Twenty One Pilots and I might have too? I can’t really recall cause my brain is a puddle but whatever 😛

Thanks to Adrianna, I recently (almost a year ago now maybe?) discovered my love and adoration for Twenty One Pilots music.

My sister had gone on and on about them for a long time and kept playing Tear In My Heart on constant repeat and it frustrated me to no end…because I actually hated it. (I like it now but it took me a while to actually like it)

Yeah yeah…I know, I know. The horror.

BUT I remember that on a road trip I had no music to listen to and I was going crazy so I asked my sister if I could listen to her IPod and basically long story short, she gave me her IPod and I found the song Stressed Out and I fell in love.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 9.42.42 AM


I remember that after listening to Stressed Out on constant repeat for about a week my sister tried to get me to listen to the whole Blurryface Album (Their most recent album) but I just couldn’t connect with the songs the same way. I am one of those people who needs to feel a connection (mostly in the lyrics) of some sort with a song or I’m not a huge fan of it or will hate it entirely. Yeah yeah, that might sound harsh but (TRUTH TIME) I’ve always been/felt like I’ve been alone in how I look at life and what I’ve been through and all this so if I can find I click with in some way I fall in love with it. (I’m a very emotional/feeling/empathic person)

I don’t really remember how the conversation started but Adrianna and I got talking about Twenty One Pilots and I mentioned how I really just couldn’t connect to the music and being the lovely, wonderful, angel that she is she directed me to both Twenty One Pilots albums titled Vessel and also their first ever, self titled album. I listened to a bunch of songs she pointed me too and basically I was like:


Basically I fell in love. Their weird, ukulele screamo and white boy rap music totally had me hooked. In a moment I’m gonna share some of my absolute favourite songs but I quickly want to say that, if you’ve never really been sure of TOP and their music (if you’ve gotten as far as to listening to their album Blurryface (2015) and maybe weren’t a huge fan) I encourage you to listen to their self titled album Twenty One Pilots and/or Vessel.

They still have that same, strangely beautiful and weird sound to their music but all the albums are like a story! Listening to their older albums I actually felt understood and also encouraged. The first album starts off dark and sad and talks often about dark times and being redeemed/saved from them or working through it. Vessel has that idea/theme of building strength from that redemption/rescue or whatever you wanna call it in the first album and the Blurryface album is kinda like, ‘Okay, here you are. You’ve made it and things are still hard, but you can make it. What are you gonna do about this?‘ and I just love that idea. Its whats encouraged me and gotten me through a lot.

and yeah! Basically Twenty One Pilots is amazing and if this can’t convince you to even give them a chance then I don’t know what will…

Some of the songs (will include album name) I have found absolutely amazing/encouraging/beautiful etc. etc. are:

Taxi Cab (Twenty One Pilots) – fun fact: I’m eventually gonna get some lyrics from this song tattooed on my arm and it will be great.

Addict With A Pen (Twenty One Pilots)

Oh Ms. Believer (Twenty One Pilots)

Ode to Sleep (Vessel)

Holding on To You (Vessel)

Migraine (Vessel)

Car Radio (Vessel)

Screen (Vessel)

The Run and Go (Vessel)

Stressed Out (Blurryface)

Tear In My Heart (Blurryface)

Not Today (Blurryface)

Polarize (Blurryface)

We Don’t Believe What’s on TV (Blurryface)

Goner (Blurryface)

Doubt (Blurryface)


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