T – Teenage Wolves

Hello Readers!

Adriana G. here once again! My apologies on the last two days of posts that were supposed to be up. Life got crazy for myself and Kara but we will try to get those up ASAP. BUT today’s post is kinda going to be talking/rambling/fangirling/gif sharing of all things Teen Wolf. I still have yet to catch up on the most recent but minor details. Minor details.

But first, lets start off with the cool series cover pics and stuff.


LOL guys I’m just kidding. This isn’t the actual cover for the series…I’m trying to decide if it should be though.


*cough* Anyways.

So I have made it about halfway through season 4 of the 5 seasons so far and I really do enjoy the series! Though I do have a couple complaints and all that but its nothing too major and no TV show is perfect XD (I’m gonna save all that in depth analyzing stuff for some series review things I’m gonna do in the future.)

BUT one of the things I really enjoy about the show is the characters. They are all unique, super funny, sassy and sarcastic. Observe:




I do believe that the witty back and forth banter between the characters is one of my favourite things in the show….ok and the cast is just so adorable too…

d72ae417b55686383af0f16748adf010 601aafe8ded77f3a59281bb8ba7b67de


Really thats kinda all for my post today cause I just wanted to ramble and share adorable pics and quotes from this show BUT I will be reviewing some of the seasons soon and then catching up and reviewing those too. So this is kinda a preview/fangirl post and the time for me to ask this question and start a discussion: Have you seen Teen Wolf? What do you like/dislike about it? Who is your favourite character? How many season have you seen? Basically lets just talk! (No spoilers preferably 😛 )

Soooooo GO! Comment away!


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