S-Sherlock Best Moments


Hello there! It seems that the game is afoot.

For letter “S” of our A-Z challenge, I (Kara) am going to recounting some of the best moments that I loved in the Sherlock tv show starring Benedict Cumberbatch (*squeals*) and Martin Freeman (Don’t you just want to give him a hug?).

Martin and Ben.jpg

These two have proven to be the dynamic duo that not even Middle Earth can separate…

Martin as Bilbo Ben as Smaug BSM

(Martin still dressed as Bilbo, and Ben who played Smaug.)

So, today I’d like to take you on a little trip down SHERLOCK memory road and relive some of what I think were the best and funniest moments on the show.

  • That Time Watson Called Sherlock a Drama Queen…And You Kind Of Agreed

BSM When John used the word %22drama queen%22

  • That Time When Mary Was A Total Boss

SBM That time that Watson's wife was a boss

  • That Moment When Sherlock Thought Molly Counted (*cuteness overload*)

SBM WHen Sherlock thought Molly Counted. Seriously.

  • Frankly, I’m Not Even Sure What Was Happening Here But It Is Brilliant


  • When Moriarty Admitted He Is Basically A Disney Villain


  • That Time That Sherlock’s Deducing Skills Failed Him



  • That Time When Molly Had To “Slap” Sherlock Out Of It

SBM Molly slap.gif

  • That Time Sherlock Was Basically So Done


  • Moriarty Being A Sassmaster As Ever


  • That Time Christmas Came Early For Sherlock


  • And Lastly, Because Its So Sweet, That Special Smile Sherlock Gives Molly When She’s Not Looking

BSM The look he gives molly

Well, there you have it fan peoples! Its about the most random compilation ever, but I hope it made you smile and brought back some good memories! 


Now, before I go, let me just remind you of the newest Holmes brother joining the show…and how I basically screamed my head off when I found out. Tom Hiddleston, Ladies and Gents.

Ben and Tom.jpg

You’re welcome.

What Sherlock episode is your favorite? Are you excited about Tom Hiddleston joining the gang? Who is your favorite Sherlock character? Mine happens to be Molly 🙂



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