Hello Fanpeople! Adrianna here. Today I’m going to switch my normal and talk about a TV show!

Okay, okay, I will admit, most of my posts have been kind of outdated. I write about the “oldies but goodies.” The classics, and then also music. But I blame this on the fact that I am (though a true and loyal fangirl) slow when it comes to new stuff.

What’s the one show I watch that I’m caught up on? Sherlock. The show that comes on every once in like two years.

Anyway, enough with that. Today I’m bringing up this really cool kinda-anime-but-not-really-japaneese show called RWBY (Pronounced Ruby)


It’s actually very very accessible. Which is one of the reasons I was drawn to it. The whole show is on YouTube.

Now, regretfully I have not finished this show. (Yes, I intended to do this post after watching it, but alas the day has come and I have fallen short.) I haven’t gotten near as far as I wanted too. This is not for lack of interest though! Only that recently my drive to watch tv has been pretty low.  But that could be because school and work and real life stuff *gasp* I’ve watched a good bit of the first season though, and can already tell this show is going places. With plot, characters, and all those epic fight scenes. RWBY fight

RWBY is a really great show, with wonderful, lovable characters. Who are actually very well rounded from what I already can see with the little amount of watching I’ve done.

This show has been recommended to me several times, and I know people who’ve watched it time after time again.


The animation is endearing. Though at first a little low budget, they don’t slack on character design.

RWBY2.gifThe whole thing is full of humor and relatable characters. Like really, every one of them.

The action and pacing is great. And the episodes are only 5-10 minutes long! It’s really easy to watch and a great show if you want something to chill to (I’ll warn you though, you’ll get attached)

It’s an amazingly fun story, and highly recommended despite being a YouTube show.  I’m sure I’ll have more to bring to the table about discussing this soon! I’m very interested in finishing this one.

Have a good one, Fanpeople!

Catch ya, next time!

~Adrianna Ewing






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