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Hello Fanpeople!

I’m so excited to welcome you to the twelfth day that we’ve been doing this A-Z blog post theme! Thank you all so much for hanging in there. Today I’m going to be talking about a book series that has sort of taken the YA market by storm.

It’s Kara S. here and I haven’t done a post since I kicked off the series with A-Agents of Shield, so I’m very excited to be back!

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For “L” I wanted to doing a short review/shout out to one of my new favorite book series, that is doing an amazing job of knocking out all those predisposed notions about what is considered cliche.

The Lunar Chronicles-Marissa Myer

The Lunar Chronicles

The series follows the lives of four specific fairytale characters as they go well beyond the bounds of their storybook endings, all within a futuristic, Cyberpunk world.

Sounds awesome, right?

And this series has so many great female characters that the entire book long it will have you going…

b vs s is she.gif

b vs I thought

Let me introduce you to a few of these unique ladies, and the books named after them:


Cinder–a cyborg who loses her mechanical foot while fleeing from a celebration in New Beijing. She also happens to be the long-lost princess set to inherit the thrown of the people of Luna–or the moon, as most of us know it.  Meyer’s version of Cinderella.

Scarlet–a red-hoodie wearing spitfire with hair the color of her name, who befriends a street-fighter named Wolf that ends up being a human/wolf hybrid partially responsible for kidnapping her Grandmother. Myer’s version of Little Red Riding Hood. 

(And also my personal favorite character)

Cress–raised in a lonesome satellite orbiting Luna, this girl with blonde hair that nearly fills the entire cramped space is also a talented hacker. However, she is unable to ever leave her satellite unless given permission by the evil Queen of Luna. That is, until Cinder and her group rescue Cress. Meyer’s version of Rapunzel.

Winter–the princess of Luna whose dark beauty is so renown that her jealous queen tried to scar the girl as a child. However, the scars only survived to make her more beautiful. And when she eventually befriended twelve of the hybrids like Wolf, she was soon put in a deep sleep to save her from the queen’s death plot. Myer’s version of Snow White.

Now, if that alone hasn’t convinced you to read this amazing series, toss in a few things like…

  • fast-paced prose
  • beautiful world-building
  • a blissful lack of love triangles
  • a series that for once is four books instead of a trilogy (not that I really have anything against trilogies, as I’ve written several myself)
  • a plot that thickens and seamlessly expands this futuristic world with every character introduced
  • multiple point of views from the perception of multiple characters
  • intrigue and deception
  • a political thriller
  • romance that is deeper than teen angst and drama
  • an ending you’d never expect


So, basically…go buy this book series. Now. Its well worth the read.

If you have read The Lunar Chronicles, what were your thoughts? Who was your favorite character? Have you read any good fairytale retellings? Comment below! 











7 thoughts on “L-Lunar Chronicles

    1. Kara_Author says:

      Why thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I do hope that you could at least give them a try, if you are into fairytale retellings! I put off reading them myself and was pleasantly surprised! 🙂


  1. aroundabendintime says:

    I read this series because my friend wanted to know if they were appropriate for her 12 year old. I was pleasantly surprised at the fresh prose and not once did I feel like it was inappropriate. What a fun series!


    1. Kara_Author says:

      I absolutely agree! Its so great to find a series that is clean and appropriate for younger audiences…but still unique and well crafted. Thank you so much for chiming in! 🙂


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