G – Guardians of the Galaxy (Guest Post by Aimee Meester)

Hey, it’s Aimee! Someone made the mistake of getting me to guest post here about fandom things, so here we go. Hopefully I’ll keep it brief.

I’m a HUGE Marvel geek. Huge. It’s a problem. One of my favorite Marvel films, however, is Guardians of the Galaxy, so that’s what I’m going to talk about.


There’s a lot to love about this movie, mainly the fact that it’s so freaking ridiculous no one but Marvel and Chris Pratt could pull it off without making it 100% dumb. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, it has a great and bizarre cast, the worldbuilding is phenomenal, the jokes are plentiful, and let’s face it, it’ll give you ALL THE FEELS. (Seriously. Have you seen that beginning? All. the. feels, man.)

Peter Quill/Star-Lord is my favorite part of this whole thing. Honestly, I don’t know how you couldn’t like him. He’s sincere, loyal, heartfelt, sometimes a little awkward. He’s played by Chris Pratt. He’s hilarious. He’s reckless. He makes bad decisions and he’s, you know, a fugitive, but he has good intentions when it comes down to it. He protects people without hesitation. He has a solid backstory. He has emotions. He’s new and refreshing and selfless and different, and decidedly non-angst. What a cinnamon roll. (There’s also the fact that he had me laughing right from the start. That’s always a plus.)


Another thing I love: Groot and Rocket. WHAT A TEAM. Marvel gives us a sentient tree and a talking raccoon with a gun and you know what? We buy every minute of it and have all the feelings because they know how ridiculous they are and go with it. I don’t know what could be more perfect than that.

This movie is so, so good at dealing with the emotional moments. You care about all the characters, and you care about them because they’re sincere. They’re a group of seriously screwed-up people, criminals, even. But their hearts are in the right places in the end. They all care about something, so we care about them. In the end, the emotions are what carry this goofy movie and keep it from being ridiculous.

Put that into a deep-space sci-fi setting with some explosions and aliens and prisons and battles and you know what you have? Awesomeness. The villains are creepy. The hairstyles are fabulous. GotG is set in such a rich world full of all kinds of people/colors/ideas and basically I want to live there, ‘kay?

Basically I love it to death.

IMG_4748_zpsljihr2q1Aimee Meester is a writer, reader, fangirl, and procrastinator. She specializes in ultra-weird sci-fi of all kinds, and probably has her nose in a book if you can find her. On the weekend she enjoys binge-writing — also known as binge-watching Star Trek instead of writing like she should be doing. You can find her at her blog, To The Barricade! where she talks like she knows what she’s doing, or on Twitter


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