E- Ever After (Fairy Tales)

Greetings Fanpeople! Adrianna here again with E for the Blogging A to Z challenge!

So, as you can guess from the title, today I am talking about Fairy Tales!

Now whether they’re Grim or Disney, fairytales are those beautiful glimpses into a world where anything can happen.

Fairy Tales

Wild creatures, exotic places, magical relics, and fantastic beings, all wrapped up in a daring tale. That still, even though different, shows us a little bit about our ordinary lives. Like any story fariytales have a way of showing us important things about ourselves.

Sometimes they’re simplified stories that illustrate an idea or lesson. Aesop’s Fables for example. They can made like cautionary tales. (Or in some cases silly tales that seem to have no real meaning at all.)

Fairy tales Real

Either way, they do their job. And illustrate something that we hold onto for a long time.

“Fairy Tales are more than true. Not because they tell us that dragons exist. But because they tell us dragons can be beaten.” -G.K Chesterton

As children, it’s these things, these stories, lessons, and ideas we take along with us throughout life. The promise that no matter how tough your situation is you can overcome it. Monsters, Dragons, Evil Stepmothers, Trolls, Tricky little Imps, and Wicked Witches can all be defeated.

And it doesn’t take some big, trained, well taught, knight like you might expect.

Most all fairytale main characters are underdogs. People you wouldn’t expect. Those from the most modest, low, or even just plain normal, backgrounds.

But what sets them apart is their determination and will to do what’s right. No matter what trails our hero faces, somehow they always make it out. To live Happily Ever After.

These stories show us to never give up. That one day your prince will come, you’ll get your chance, or you’ll be that great things you were destined to be. . .fairytales einsteinWith some work of course.

Fairy Tales don’t tell you to sit and wait for something extraordinary to happen to you. The person who thinks all that these stories do is give unreasonable expectations goes about this all wrong.

For example: Cinderella was always of good disposition, she was always smiling, singing and treated the world with kindness. Even with being treated so harshly herself.In the end it was this that got Cinderella her “Happily Ever After”

Cinderella didn’t just have everything work for her after her Fairy Godmother came in and gave her a chance to go to the ball. Things were nearly ruined for her after that. When she was locked up in her room as her step mother and sisters sabotaged the one good thing to happen to her.

It was the friends she made with the animals, that she treated with care and love before, that got her down the stairs to try on the slipper.

Fairy tales.. The point isn’t that everything will just fall at your feet magically, but that persistence (or in this case, kindness) will pay off.

In real life, it may not be a magical fairy or mice who come to your rescue. But someone who’ve helped and befriended.

(Another good example of this would be: Androcles and the Lion. Or the version I remember from childhood, being The Mouse and the Lion )

Though sometimes you have to take that stand yourself. And there are many examples of that too!

Now, not all of these stories are so easy to distinguish the meaning  of. But not every story comes with a packet message. Which isn’t a bad thing! Stories serve many purposes, and sometimes it’s just to be charming and fun. (Like in for example look at some of the strange stories that played off of just that- being original and odd. Thriving on Utter Nonsense)

But Fairy tales weren’t always bright, full of happily ever afters and music numbers. Especially before, a lot were very- grim. But yet, the odd tales served their purpose. Just as the stories we’re given now do.

So, tell me about some of your favorite fairy tales! Have you ever read some of the original ones? How did you take to it? What things do you think people could learn from your favorite fairy tale, or what do you think should be appreciated about it?

Let me know in the comments and keep the conversation going!

Stay curious and imaginative, Fanpeoples.

Till next time!

~Adrianna Ewing.



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