C – Captain America

Hello Readers.

It’s Rachel! This one is late… But of course that is because I am slow, and didn’t end up writing this post till I got home from school, and not the night before. I am also sick (My apologies) Here is day 3 of the A-Z challenge.

So for C I chose to talk about Captain America. Captain America is one of my favorite Marvel heroes. This is also why I am very excited about the Captain America vs Iron Man movie coming out! I love Captain America for many reasons. Allow me to explain.

It’s not even that he is an amazing super hero (although being a super soldier is pretty up there on the charts) Its more the character of Steve Rogers.

Even though Steve was a scrawny, weak nobody. But was still as much of a hero, even before they made him Captain America. Steve was smart, and stood up for what was right. He didn’t care what people thought, even though they ground him into the dirt. Steve was a strong individual, who believed in himself. We can all learn something from him.

One of the other things I love about Captain America (the films) is not just Captain America. But the fact that it has a lot of SHIELD history involved in it. (Heads up: I am kind of obsessed with SHIELD. My dream job would be to work for SHIELD.) Captain America was one of SHIELDS first projects. At least I think… Don’t quote me on that. And this was all conducted by Howard Stark, who is an ancestor to Tony Stark aka Iron Man! Which makes Iron Man connected to SHIELD! (I had to share that)

Can we just take a moment for this scene

He is war hero. And even though he became a super soldier, he still fought along side the other men. Never once was he prideful.


What are somethings you love about Captain America? (I could make a list)

Anyone that understands you when you uses this, can be your best friend.



4 thoughts on “C – Captain America

  1. artman413 says:

    He’s basically a non-boring Superman.

    All of the kindness and strength and resolve, but without being overly powered. The fact that he keeps fighting even when he knows he can’t win is what makes him so awesome.

    Liked by 1 person

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