A to Z Theme Reveal – April Blogging Challenge 2016

Hello lovelies!

Adriana G. here! Exciting news! The Fandom Studio is joining in on the A to Z April Blogging Challenge.

“What is this challenge and why is it important?” asks the lovely blog reader.

Well. The A to Z Blog Challenge is where EVERY day (except Sundays) of April 2016 there will be a post from us gals on the blog!

(If you don’t know who ‘us gals’ are and how many of us there are, you might wanna check out this page: About the Fangirls)

Today’s post is to announce the THEME for the whole challenge!

I mean, you can probably tell the theme by the blog title but here is the official announcement!

Drum roll please!


and the theme is……



I mean, its to be expected BUT let me tell you what kind of things you are gonna be seeing over the month of April with the help of Dylan O’Brien and Some Peeps from the Teen Wolf Cast!

What you’re gonna see over the month of April (and any other time on the blog, really):

Book Talk




Fangirling and Craziness!


Lots of Fun!


TV Shows, Movies, Music, and ALL THAT STUFF

and probably some discussion on our favourite CHARACTERS/ACTORS/ACTRESSES and who freaking ADORABLE they are!


Can’t wait to see you all in the month of April! I mean, we will still be posting until then! But for this challenge anyways, we will see you in April!



10 thoughts on “A to Z Theme Reveal – April Blogging Challenge 2016

  1. randommusings29 says:

    Fab theme choice, let’s face it we have those fan girl moments! Good luck and hope to see you in April 🙂


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