My Ships – Stydia

Hello Lovely Fan People!

So, I know its been a while and I apologize. Life has been crazy especially lately because my last semester of school. But anyways…I mean’t to do this post back in February for Valentines Day but that was right about when life got crazy. (Like seriously, as you read this I’m at a weekend long Swing Dance Workshop so….) but its now March and I can’t let this idea sit around and collect dust because this is too good to pass up!

Today, I’m gonna be sharing some reasons why Stiles Stilinski and Lydia (whose last name I forget) from Teen Wolf are the ultimate ship and absolute #relationshipgoals !


Well first off, I would like to say that Stiles is played by the dorky, awkward, charming, and friendly Dylan O’Brien so I mean that right there should be reason enough why you should ship this ship. Doesn’t matter if you’ve seen Teen Wolf before. This aspect alone makes Lydia shippable with Stiles.



But ANYWAYS. Stiles and Lydia were my first ever ship in this show right from Season 1. (Honestly I wasn’t a huge shipper of Scott and Allison :/ ) They are so adorable and here are the reasons why! (I’ve used the help of GIFs so I can show off their cuteness)

  1. Can we just talk about the way they look at each other? Like just for a moment?



Like so much unspoken love and admiration, ok????? I can’t even find enough examples in picture or GIF form but the way Stiles always looks at Lydia just makes me wanna melt.


2. Also, how much he cares for and loves Lydia is just amazing ❤ 


Like he cares for her a LOT and a LOT and a LOT


Like seriously his first thought in dangerous situations is Lydia and making sure she is ok and I just can’t even with the adorableness.


3. The way she helps him through panic attacks.


This scene just killed me ok? There has also been so many times where he has helped her in similar situations. They both just support and care for each other and it is beautiful.


4. The way Stiles is protective of Lydia

I know I kinda said that in #2 but here is another example…



5. How can you NOT love someone like Stiles? I mean really.


dylan-obrien-birthday-august-26-2013-gifs-i-cant-change-without-you-2 32024cbb7280f17e2afe21ed05db11cb


So basically Lydia and Stiles are the cutest couple I’ve shipped right from the beginning. Lydia is such a sweetheart (But a bit of a diva sometimes) and Stiles is really sassy and sarcastic but ALSO a sweetheart. I just love their devotion to each other and how much they care and like even though they love each other they are also best friends too and that makes a huge difference. I seriously couldn’t find enough GIFs to help me explain them so maybe one day when I find more I’ll do another ‘Why I love Stiles and Lydia – Part 2’


Who is one of your favourite ships? (Doesn’t have to be from this TV show) Why do you like them?


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