FANGIRL FILES: Cinder Book Review

Cinder_CoverCinder by Marissa Meyer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Hello Fanpeoples!!!

I thought that It’d be fun to do some book reviews! Since we all love to rave over our favorite novels. I’ll be calling this series: FANGIRL FILES.

To start with: Cinder. Book 1 of the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Myer.

As an author who has penned both fairytale retellings…and sci fi stories centered around a cyborg main character, CINDER had me interested from the very beginning. The world-building was vivid, the characters just familiar enough to lull you into a false sense of security, while the plot was so unique and fast-paced it was all you could do to hold on tight. Just the kind of ride that stays in memory!

However, I did struggle a bit with Cinder herself (thus the four instead of five star rating). She was a very straightforward character, who was almost too detail-oriented for this emotional dreamer. While the personality fit her character perfectly, and was exactly what Luna would eventually need in a queen, it made it difficult for me to relate well to her. For that reason, I sort of set the Lunar Chronicles aside for a while when I got caught up reading the Maze Runner Series.

Wait! Don’t go throwing rotten fruit at me yet! *dodges airborne tomato*

It was a mistake I’m thankful to say I quickly remedied. When SCARLET went on sale on Kindle (#brokeauthorproblems ) I snatched it up! And fell instantly in love. What I had struggled with in CINDER, was not an issue in the rest of the books. Cinder’s forthright personality perfectly complemented the rest of the team, and she is actually one of my favorite characters now.

So, all this to say…CINDER is pretty amazing. Read it. Embrace it. And fall in love with the rest of the series.

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