A Nostalgic Marvel Crossover

Greetings Fanpeople! It’s Adrianna.

Now with (another) reboot of Spider Man, and his supposed cameo in Captain America: Civil War, I thought: Why not do a post about Spider Man? 


Before I go further there is something you should know: I love me some Spider Man. He was my first superhero. My first fictional “admiration” (Crush? Can an 8-9 year old have a crush on a cartoon? Anyway-)  I wouldn’t be as into Marvel as I am today were it not for Our Friendly Neighborhood Spider Man.

But I wasn’t a comic girl, I never really had the chance to get into comics. No, what got me into the Marvel Universe was this show:


Yup. That one. Spider-Man The Animated Series. (1994-1998.)

This show was the first thing I was a huge fan of by myself. Not something showed to me, and not “kiddie” like Care Bears. (Not dissing on Care Bears now, I love Care Bears. I was fairly obsessed at one time, but that’s besides the point)

This was the very first thing I ever “binge watched” (we had On Demand so I watched every episode available to me). It was my first thing I became a big fan of. I mean, Spider-Man was a subject I could talk about for hours.

So to hear that Dear Ol’ Spidey may get a cameo in Civil War,is really exciting. And it brought me back to something I found just as exciting back then.

Now, I had also started watching X-Men (The Animated Series) just as much. I found my love for it, X-Men, and then all Marvel.x-men-the-animated-series-5195e4e02e61f

So when there was an episode in Spider-Man where he visited Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters, I was ecstatic. This was my dream crossover.

Last night, I looked up the episode to re watch, and see if it was just as amazing as it was then. (If you are somehow interested the episode was: Season 2 Episode 4 “Neogenic Nightmare Chapter 4: The Mutant Agenda” )

I found that these shows were actually beautifully done. And revisiting them for this post I found that there was a reason I enjoyed them so much. They were good.

Now is there bias here? Yes. Probably. But even if you’re not into watching 90s cartoons with awesome theme songs, you can at least appreciate what these shows were able to do with the subject matter. And plainly, just how great they were. (Character development, great story telling, plots that were always pretty consistent, awesome music.)

But really, I mean come on, these theme songs:



Truly, if you haven’t given these gems a look, go do that. And if you have, I hope this post brought back some happy memories and beautifully fun nostalgia.

So, Fanpeople: What were some of your first fandoms? What are some things that bring you back? Is that fandom still going? If so, then what’s new for it? Are you still a strong member, or more off to the sidelines?

Let me know in the comments! Start up some convo, and who knows, you might find someone who holds those same things close to them.

Stay super!

Till next time,

~Adrianna Ewing.



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