When Deadpool ‘Is Everything A Superhero SHOULDN’T Be’

But yet, isn’t that the point?

I (Adriana G.) saw this post on Facebook today linking to a blog post about why you shouldn’t go see the new Deadpool movie…But I fully disagreed with the post. I personally will not be watching the new Deadpool movie but that doesn’t mean that because I’m not going to see it that everyone shouldn’t. ( I’m not your mother. Don’t let me tell you what you can and can’t do. I’m not gonna judge anyone who has seen this movie or anything.)

Now let me clarify the following. Yes, the movie is filled with dirty things and such and I am not justifying that! I just kinda wanted to discuss said post I read and talk about Deadpool himself a bit.

Now with that said, let me continue on my thoughts here.

The post I read (and many other reviews/posts I’ve seen) said that the movie was extremely dirty and no one should see it. But my question is, have people not payed attention to the various warnings? I feel that when it came to the warnings people’s reactions were kinda like:


and you may be asking: What warnings?


  1. R-Rated movie – You’d think that would be enough for some people, eh?
  2. Ryan Reynolds – He mentioned (in more interviews than I can count) that this movie was going to be bad. He said the script writers were letting him use language and go all out…and he stated that thats what he did!

    Had to add this…Cause I feel this is what the script writers and actors were thinking.

So part of me is very confused because both these points I just stated should have been warning enough. No?

I mean, I guess there will ALWAYS be haters for everything but the fact that people are so angry about it has me confused.

So, as I said, I haven’t seen the movie (and don’t plan on it) but I’ve had a discussion with my friend about this already. So many people are complaining that Deadpool is a horrible hero and he is a dirty, mean,and cruel person…. But that’s the point. This is how Deadpool has always been in comics and movies. He (like wolverine in some cases (I LOVE Wolverine but he can be pretty bad too)) is a dirty minded, foul mouthed, and cruel character…and not ONCE has he claimed to be a superhero. I mean I understand what this post and other people are saying but I honestly don’t know what people expected from this movie. Because this has always been the character. He’s not a superhero and more of an anti-hero.

So of course he is everything a superhero shouldn’t be! I feel that is sort of the point.

I also know that right before the movie released that many people were mad at the movie rating because they wanted to take their Children to the movie. I know that before the movie had a rating my brother really badly wanted to see it (he’s 10) because he had seen Deadpool play a fairly main role in the Ultimate Spider Man TV Show (a FANTASTIC show by the way) and to be honest I wanted to see the movie too. But I decided against it and my brother won’t be seeing it either 😉 BUT I understand that people may have been a little disappointed by this movie and its rating but regardless it is what it is and nothing any complaining anyone will do will change it. There are many people who love the movie and its too late to change now.


I will still say that I am kinda a Deadpool Fangirl. Yes, some of what he says or does is inappropriate or uncalled for but he is so freakishly funny and its great. (Not excusing the bad stuff, guys) With all this said, if you, or your kids/siblings or friends wanna watch a good show with Deadpool and clean humour I will now bring to your attention the previously mentioned ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ TV Show.


Now THAT is good! And quite funny! Especially the episodes with Deadpool…Because Spidey and Deadpool in the same episode equals greatness. It is also a clean show that is great for Kids and Adults alike! My brother and I LOVE watching the show together. (See look, something positive came from this post! Not just being confused by peoples anger and stuff 😛 )

SO I definitely advise the TV show 😉  The Deadpool movie, not so much but yeah 😛





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