#Relationshipgoals: The Real and the Fictional

#relationship goals the real and the fictional

Hello Fangirls! And boys, as the case may be 🙂 Its Kara S. Again!

In honor of Valentines day, we’re going to be doing some rather gushy posts over here on The Fandom Studio!

hooked on a feeling

For my post, I’m going to be talking about some of my favorite OTPs (One True Pairings) both real and fictional, all within the context of relationship goals. Couples that are too cute for words, but also seem to have the whole marriage thing pretty much figured out. People that I would gladly want to be more like.

Shall we begin?


Yes, I know what you’re thinking. She brought her folks into this? Ewww!

But, they gave me life, so I decided it was only just to start here. And, to be honest, my parents are basically superheroes 🙂

cape superman
no capes

Okay, maybe they don’t wear capes or spandex, but they are both super inspiring to me. First off, they are almost exact opposites. My dad is very outgoing, athletic and goofy and may be responsible for my love of reading. While my mom avoids romance novels like the plague and would spend her whole day inside researching healthy recipes on Google if given the opportunity.

Dad and I titles Mom and I titles

But while they are so different, they thrive together. They use each other’s strengths to raise our family, and even when they have an argument, they will always ask the other person for forgiveness.

That would probably be the main #relationshipgoal that I see in their marriage: Asking your significant other to forgive you, before the day ends, no matter how difficult.


They. Are. Adorable.

Okay, now that we have that out of the way, let me give you a bit of a backstory on this other real-life couple.

Joanne is one of my dearest friends, and a mentor to me on my whole writing journey. She is a young mama with three rambunctious kids, who somehow manages to homeschool, cook, have a social life and still write award-winning novels.

Pretty sure she’s discovered the fountain of youth somewhere.


my hope is found

Cades Cove in The Great Smoky Mountains National Park


Joanne’s husband Noah is a bit like my dad in that he’s outgoing and always making someone laugh. He’s very handy, and loves to tinker on his jeep and go off-roading–something that is great for getting Joanne outside into the sunshine. Let’s be honest here, writers/readers and fans in general sometimes have a bit of trouble getting out of the house.

But Noah and Joanne are so good at leaning on each other’s strengths. Noah is even Joanne’s own personal GPS, as often times she’ll get a bit lost on a long drive, and Noah is always willing to hop on Google Earth and help her find her way home. How sweet is that?

Joanne and Noah

And that’s just one of the many ways I’ve seen Noah and Joanne constantly helping each other. Doing favors or giving small gifts simply because they care for each other. When I asked Joanne about this, her answer quickly made it into my #relationshipgoals list: “We have decided to treat the other person as nicely as we possibly can. To act toward them the way we want them to act toward us. And with each of us being as kind as we can toward the other person, it quickly went from being something we had to do, to something we wanted to do.”

That’s a quote worth having on your wall, I’d say.


So many to choose from, right?

So, I thought I’d just list a few, and the relationship goal i saw played out.




To show the other person how much you care, without having to say a word. To simply be there.


anne gilbert


To be best friends and know the person’s innermost soul, before becoming anything more. To love them for who they are, not how they make you feel.


steve peggy gun


To have someone who would be willing to take a bullet for you. Who would risk just as much for you, as you would for them. To fall in love with someone’s heart, before noticing their face.

Now, there are so many others I could do! But, I think that just about sums up some of the o+OTPs that have impacted me he most.

What are some that you see as #relationshipgoals? Comment on our Facebook post and use the hashtag, or leave a comment below!

Have a great day, fan peoples!








6 thoughts on “#Relationshipgoals: The Real and the Fictional

    1. Kara_Author says:

      Hehe thanks Rachelle! I figured that it would be interesting to list actual examples too.Yes, Joanne is amazing! Hope you’re doing well. ❤


    1. Kara_Author says:

      Thank you for being such an inspiration! ❤ Hehe thanks so much 😉 I am so glad that you see a bit of my family in me. I appreciate them so much!


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