PPZ: The Best Movie I Have Thusfar Beheld This Year of 2016

Hello Lovely People!

SO I know its not Friday and I’m posting all out of order but the other gals are cool with it so here I am posting away!

Tonight I saw Pride Prejudice and Zombies with my Dad (Just got back from the theatre actually) and I very much enjoyed it! So I figured I should probably talk to you lovely people about it!

I don’t plan on there being any major spoilers or anything but there may be a couple things that slip through so be warned if you haven’t seen the movie! (Though there REALLY isn’t much to spoil cause its your usual Zombie Apocalypse type movie when it comes down to it.)

BUT before I talk about the movie I wanna just like take a minute to both love and hate on some of the main characters of the movie ok?? Cause what’s not fun about that?…Ok so I won’t necessarily be hating on them. Just judging the characters a teensy bit because they aren’t how I pictured. ( I’m a Jane Austen Girl who has seen BOTH movie versions of Pride and Prejudice sooooo)

SO here are my first/initial thoughts on the characters. (Note I’m picky when it comes to actors playing some of my absolute FAVOURITE characters. Just cause I may not like the actor/character portrayal doesn’t mean I didn’t like the movie 😛 )


Mr. Darcy:


-Excuse me, sir? Is that your normal voice or did you just have a really sore throat that day?

-Oh-oh no. Thats your normal voice….Thats unfortunate…and quite annoying.

-You kinda look like an adult version of my 10 year old brothers best friend…. (I literally could not get past it the whole movie…)



Lizzie Bennet:


-Welp. You’re my favourite!

-Yeah! You go Cinderella-er-umm I mean Lizzie.



Jane Bennet:


-Yep. You’re great too. I like you.



Mr. Bingley:



– You’re too nice…HOW HAVE YOU SURVIVED THUS-FAR, GOOD SIR??? I mean, I LOVE you but-uh yeah. You’re too sweet and kind.



Lady Catherine DeBourgh:


-Everything about you is amusing. Sorry Lady Catherine. But really. My question is though if she lost an eye battling zombies how does that not count as being infected and being a zombie herself?



Mr. Collins:


-Never fear! 11 has come to save you all!

-Oh-oh-or he hasn’t. Well I suppose it is a fixed point in time. So he is just there to…watch?





-Mr. Fishy is more like it…

-And you ugly, sir.



Other Bennet Sisters:


-Why do NONE of you look like sisters?

-Bonus: Kitty and Lydia aren’t as annoying.

-I mean let me ay this, the characters played off each other really well and really made their sibling relationship believable. I’m just confused why they don’t look like sisters?


Ok so with my thoughts about the characters out of the way, lets discuss the actual movie, shall we?

I walked into the movie preparing myself for a decent amount more of blood and gore than I am used to or can stomach but I was actually quite pleasantly surprised that, for a movie where zombies are eating people and people are killing zombies in gruesome ways, it wasn’t too bad. I mean there was a fair amount of blood but really not enough gore and violence deservings of a 14A rating….and thats coming from a person who  is very careful what kinds of movies she watches. (whether in relation to the violence or other content.)

I quite enjoyed the movie actually! It had its cliched Zombie Apocalypse story where the main characters make it out alive with hardly a scratch (as usual) but still enjoyable none the less….and it was very very engaging. And nerve wracking… and had me on the edge of my seat most the time… I’ve never jumped so much in a movie in a long time. I did become pretty nervous and anxious at points and had I not been at the theatre I wouldn’t have put it past myself to not have gotten up and started pacing around the room as I watched just because it got so intense it hurt. (There was a lot of shifting around in my seat and resting my head on my dad’s shoulder at points and all that…Laugh all you want but it was an intense movie and I just can’t sit still when things get tense!)

The action and stuff that was in the movie was fantastic. Once again, there was always that tense feeling looming over the viewer like a storm cloud but it was exactly where and what it needed to be!

I also loved the comedy aspect that was in it. (*cough* Mr. Collins *cough* ) That helped relieve some anxiety or nerves you may get but not enough to put you off guard or set you apart from the movie if that makes sense.

I will say one thing. Any time a gun goes off in this movie prepare to jump, then try and calm your racing heart and try to prepare yourself for when the next set of gunfire comes, then once you calm down because nothing is gonna happen then have the same thing repeat. For some reason the gunfire in this movie was a LOT louder than it needed to be. It made me jump every. single. time. WITHOUT fail. My dad also agreed it was a lot louder than necessary. But I mean, minor things. I’m still trying to figure out if that loudness was meant to be that way to scare the crap out of every single person in the theatre or what… but whatever.

Basically this movie was the best movie I’ve seen so far this year! (That has been RELEASED this year) and it is totally worth the watch! Though, I would not advise taking young children to it. (I mean it is rated 14A for a reason… Its creepy)

4 star rating
Actually my rating is a 4.5. So between ‘Awesome’ and ‘Totally Stellar’ 😉

Also, before I finish this post I would like to give a quick shoutout to the lady who sat in front of me who screamed every time a gun went off or someone/something was stabbed. Thank you for SCARING THE CRAP OUT OF ME MORE TIMES THAN NECESSARY! …

Sorry….just needed to get that off my chest.


Welp! Until next time! (In the meantime I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on the movie! Have you seen it? Or plan on it? Did you like the movie? or not so much? )



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