Reader’s Block & Hopefully Defeating It

Greetings Fanpeople!- And all ye book lovers. Adrianna here once again. (I missed you all last week, but I’m back with another post)

I read

Now, some of you may be in that stage of being really into something. Maybe reading at least a book a day. Maybe you’re on a roll, a part of plenty of fandoms, and all caught up with book news.

Or -like plenty of us have been, are, and will be again- you might be experiencing Reader’s Block.

And if this has never happened to you, don’t worry this sneaky thing will catch up with you sometime.

Sometimes this arises with new responsibilities. New things that take up the time of yours that used to be for reading. Not having the time to read, the money to buy more books, or reading just somehow lost that flare that it used to have.

When you consider yourself an avid reader, a loyal consumer of literary artwork, then this is especially annoying. You just want to have what you used to. That amazing feeling of being surrounded by your favorite stories and experiencing them like before.

bell and books.gif

But now things are different. For whatever reason it is, you just can’t seem to get into anything. Half finished, barely started, and unread books surround you. Teasing you with the possibility of holding the wonder they once held.

Where are the places that encompass you? Where are those characters that you can root for, hate, and maybe even call friends? The suspense? The wonder? The romance?


Or whatever you looked forward to with reading, but is now somehow so hard to come across.

Is it the books you’re reading? Is it you?

Some things depend on your situation. But I came across some things to maybe help.

Advice Time:

Find something new: Now this, for me didn’t help all too much. Even new pretty, amazing books were hard to read. But if you can get your hands on something to suck you in early and keep you going, it might help you remember why you loved reading. ( I suggest asking some friends for recommendations, they might know what you’ll really love. Also maybe look for books that are quick grabbing, so you don’t have to do as much trudging)  Kitty reading

Read something you used to love: I’ve heard many times that reading your favorite books are a sure fire way to remind you of the love you had for reading. Reread something dear to you. The reading itself won’t be so hard and you won’t have to worry about not catching everything if you have to put it done or zone out.

Find a certain time for it: Making a promise to read before bed, or any other certain free time can get you back into the habit of it. And it’ll grow to be more enjoyable.

Take a break: Yeah, I know, if you’re already there then most likely you’ve been on a break. But forcing yourself to get back into the habit of something, and trying over and over again, isn’t good. So if you need to, don’t think about it for a little bit. Get the rest of your life together and come back to reading later. Trust me, it waits.

Remember: Set your priorities where you think they need to be. Reading doesn’t have to make it to the top of the list, And honestly, it really shouldn’t. Family, school, work, adventure, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches ect. Whatever is important to you.

(Christians, you know what I mean when I say putting things first. Ahem, the man upstairs really hates it when you put stuff before him. And He’ll just as quick take things away that you don’t need {*cough* maybe your fiction obsession *cough*} It’s okay though, that’s where I was. Get things straightened out there, and as it is written “all else will be added unto you.”)

Good Luck Fanpeople! Hopefully that was some help!

Just know that if this is you, then you’re not the only one. It may feel like losing a part of your identity if it’s woven into you that deep. But don’t get discouraged. It happens. Ride through it, get through this little bit of your life and things will change before you know it.

Writing from experience

~Adrianna Ewing.





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