Swing Is A Girls Best Friend

Well, I mean it can also be a guys best friend….but I’m a girl so the title is applying to myself…

*cough cough* ANYWAYS.

I’ve recently discovered Swing Dancing and I’ve fallen IN LOVE. So, obviously I’m going to write a fangirl post on why I love it! I mean it only makes sense.

So more #swingdancing occurred on Monday night! Oh, @swingbridgedance how I love you! ❤

A video posted by Adriana Gabrielle (@thelibrarianfiles) on Feb 3, 2016 at 7:27pm PST


So, Swing Dancing is something I’ve wanted to learn for a while now simply because it looks like fun and is totally classy! So you can imagine my joy when I discovered this group:  (and yes the above video is from one of the dances I went to)


Swing Bridge Dance Club is a local Swing Dance Group that host classes every Monday night and 1-2 Social Dances every month. (The social dances are where everyone gets all dressed up in fancy outfits and swing dresses and the like!)  Apparently the group has only been running since early 2014 but still, I’m glad it exists!

f7e6f39450a6f58d302bf79181c5df23One of the best things about Swing Dancing is that (at least with this group and the Calgary one) they are such a welcoming and open group of people! The community of people are so accepting and non-judgemental and totally jump at any opportunity to teach newbies (like myself) some new things.(they also don’t call you out on the hundreds of mistakes you make too… Which is also pretty great for me 😂) but yeah, basically, Swing Dance is amazing and a totally chill group of people run the whole thing in my local area….also the music is FABULOUS!!!!!! 😀

Basically, this is something I encourage everyone to try at least once in their lifetime! I’ve so far roped a couple of my friends into it and are gonna start coming to the dances with me more often which is cool and honestly its a lot more fun than most dancing you see in music videos and things these days (and a majority of that is disgusting and inappropriate too….so there is that) and even though it looks hard, Swing Dance is a lot easier to learn and do than it looks 🙂  So yah, basically what I am trying to say in this post is the following:

1.) Swing Dance Is Amazing

2.) The Music and Dance moves are SOOOOO much fun and totally fabulous 

3.) Its easy to learn.

4.) Everyone should try Swing Dancing at least ONCE in their life time….

and 5.) Even if its not as easy to learn right away, you gotta realize it all takes a bit of practice!




So, off you pop. Go find some youtube tutorials or a local Swing Dance group or something. (I dare you.)


and before I go, here is one last video!






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