Starwars: Conflicting Universes


Hello again, fan peoples!!!! Its Kara Swanson, here with another post.


Today, I am going to divulge my deep inner Starwars nerd. Warning: SPOILERS WILL ENSUE!

Now, there have been many posts talking about The Force Awakens…this will be different than most.

A Fan Since Childhood:

Shortly after mastering the art of reading chapter books, ten-year-old me started getting Starwars themed novels from our library. I’ve been rather obsessed with a galaxy far far away ever since. Getting my hands on as many of the books as I could. One of my favorite series is actually called Young Jedi Knights by Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta.

TheLostOnes starwars

(Yep, thats Leia on the bottom right. Isn’t that cover art gorgeous?)

I still have most of the series 🙂


And, that is just one of the books series written after The Return of The Jedi. In fact, in this Extended Universe of Starwars novels, there are countless stories that revolve around the New Jedi Order, and everything that Luke, Leia and Han fought for.

These stories carried on the tone of the original three movies, and took our favorite characters to new heights, while also introducing other beloved characters.


gif destroying universe.gif


However, when The Force Awakens was announced, Lucasfilm/Disney also made a shocking decision. Because they wanted J. J. Abrams to be able to create any story he chose, they deemed that every Starwars novel that takes place after The Return of the Jedi, was no longer cannon. They are now only Legends and Lore.

This saddened me, as I had grown very fond of these characters and plots. Still, part of my writer’s heart understood J. J.’s need to create his own story. To let his imagination and love for the characters take him wherever he wanted.



I was interested in seeing what new take on these beloved movies would be presented in The Force Awakens. I was surprised with what really happened. 

Many of the plot twists that shocked viewers in The Force Awakens, were actually adaptations of what happened in the original book series!

Now, this could take a while, so I am going to do my best to give you a glimpse at the similarities, without writing a 400 page book 🙂


As in The Force Awakens, Han and Leia are married in the Extended Universe (EU) and have three children. Twins, Jacen and Jaina, and a son named Anakin.

Hang onto your seats, this is where it gets really interesting.



Starwars darth caedus

Born with a deep sensativety to the force, Jacen was easily the more emotional of the twins. However, he was eventually seduced by the dark side of the force, becoming a Sith master and killing a family member. He eventually is confronted by his sister, who basically kicks his rear in battle.

Hmmm. An emotional young Sith…

Who kills his own family…

Kylo killing Han

(My heart will never heal from that scene!)

And gets shown up by a woman…

Rey Kylo force off


That sounds familiar, doesn’t it?


Jacen’s twin sister, Jaina had her mother’s natural dark beauty, but her father’s knack for mechanics and flying. She was also very gifted in the force.

Ahhh. Well now.

Leia’s dark hair and soft features…


A love of mechanics and flying the Falcon…

Rey pilate falconRey.0 starwars


And pretty handy with a light saber…


Rey fighting Kylo


If that doesn’t scream “J.J. is copying the Extended Universe” I don’t know what does 🙂

But, for all you hesitant believers, I’ll leave you with one last easter egg.

In the EU,  Luke marries and has a son named Ben.

And, if you’ll remember, the first thing out of Han Solo’s mouth, upon confronting his son face-to-face, is to shout Kylo Ren’s real name…

Kylo Ben

I hope all you fellow Starwars fanatics had as much fun reading this post as I had writing it 🙂 Have you read any of the EU novels? Do you have a favorite Starwars book? Or Character? Do you think Rey could be Kylo/Ben’s sister? Or perhaps Luke’s daughter?

Comment below!!!! And follow the blog 🙂 

Kara Signature Starwars theme.jpg











2 thoughts on “Starwars: Conflicting Universes

  1. Adriana Gabrielle says:

    Okay! So, two things!

    One: Awesome post, Kara! 😀

    Two: Here are my thoughts on the whole Rey and Kylo being siblings. 1.) Rey was abandoned by her parents at a young age, yes. But from what we see in the movie she appears to be old enough that were she to see her parents again (though they be older) she would recognize them. 2.) ALSO if Rey were in fact a member of the Solo family and Kylo’s sister than wouldn’t there have (once again) been some recognition from Kylo and MOST DEFINITELY Han and Leia? I mean they interacted with her a LOT during the movie. If it was their daughter we as the audience would have at least known cause you could see the recognition from someone and it would have been addressed in some way or form. Or maybe I’m wrong haha those are just my thoughts!


  2. Kara_Author says:

    Yes! I actually totally agree! I mean, she watched Han DIE for goodness sakes. Wouldn’t she have figured out she was related before that?

    I’m leaning toward her being Luke’s daughter…which would still have her in the same bloodline of Leia, but make more sense with the movie 😜



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