#GirlPower: Agent Carter (2.0)

Hello Fanpeople!

I am back once more! It feels like it has been FOREVER…but it really hasn’t. (and I know I’m posting early but I couldn’t wait to post this!)

SO today’s post is another #GirlPower post about Agent Carter once more because something occurred to me this last week that I HAD to share.

So first thing you gotta do to understand this, is take a close look at the outfits of Peggy Carter from the first Captain America Movie and then her outfit from the Agent Carter TV Show.


Notice anything yet? If not look at this for a moment long and PAY ATTENTION TO THE OUTFITS.




Now that you’ve had a little while to analyze said photo lets put these two pictures side by side.


Once again, its ALL about the outfits! Anyone seeing a theme here? Is it just me or does it seem strange ( and feels crushing) that Peggy’s outfit is the same colours as Captain America’s ‘super suit’ in Agent Carter (POST Captain America )?

Maybe its coincidence and maybe its not. *shrugs* Who knows. But I wouldn’t underestimate marvel and their easter eggs that are so blended they may take a while to notice even though they are so UP CLOSE.

So, did anyone else notice the whole outfit color thing? What are your thoughts?


4 thoughts on “#GirlPower: Agent Carter (2.0)

  1. Kara_Author says:

    Oh! I love this! Its really thought-provoking! You know…Peggy’s outfits are nearly the same. They all have those high necklines, showing that she doesn’t need to show skin to feel content. They have those buttons, showing that she has some serious class. They’re fitted, but still stylish and modest. Peggy doesn’t need to dress to impress others, she dresses for herself. And the first image with her army-duds made me think of something else! Peggy has never stopped fighting with Steve. She has always been in the ditches right beside him–getting her hands dirty to help someone. Yet, after she lost him, her perspective changed a bit. She realized that what the world needed now was not a hardened army general. Not drab colors and tight waistlines. What it needed was bright colors–those blue, red and white that stand for freedom! And they needed a bit of flair. Of fun. To show that we may be beaten down…but no, we are not broken. And in Peggy Carter’s strength, Captain America lives on. ❤


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