The Fantastic Four (2015)


Hello Fanpeople!

fantastic four movie posterAdriana G. here and I am going to review/discuss the new Fantastic Four movie 😀

So I saw the trailer for the new Fantastic Four movie a while back and it looked *somewhat* promising…and let me tell you this, the trailer was better than the movie.

Basically the only reason I watched this movie was cause of this guy:

Johnny Storm fantastic four

Aaaaand this guy:

jamie bell the thing

Yeah yeah, I watched the movie cause I thought they were cute. (Sue me.)

Fantastic Four was once again redone so we get the origin story all over again. Yay *she said with sarcasm*

I mean, don’t get me wrong! It’s a cool origin story and what not but it’s been done. I know I know. It’s the general rule. If you re-do a movie you have to redo the origin story (don’t even get me started on the Spider-Man movies. So happy they aren’t redoing the third time starting with the origin story (but that’s another post for another time))

Ok. Focusing…So, I’m sitting here watching the movie and honestly the opening really caught my eye up to the point where they all got their powers. (it wasn’t stellar up to this point but it wasn’t unbearable) From the point where they got their powers to the end, I was rolling my eyes and making sassy comments…which isn’t a good sign for me. From this point on I wanted action action action! And what did I get? Boredom boredom and stupid characters making stupid choices…I mean not that they didn’t before cause really who in their right mind decided to travel to a different dimension when you’re drunk?…oh wait.

Anyways. After the characters get their powers we fast forward a year. The Fantastic Four aren’t a group at this point as Reed ran off a year ago out of guilt for heaven knows what. They are learning how to control their powers and honestly doing pretty good. Definitely ready to take on an amateur baddie… But what do we get???

An ultimate baddie (Dr. Doom) who somehow survived being stuck in another dimension on his own and somehow has the power of someone whose been a villain for years and goes around blowing up people’s heads…? say whhhhaaaat?

First off how did he know he had these literally mind blowing powers in the first place? Apparently this acid stuff that turned him into what he was also kept him alive all this time so that easily explained and honestly Doom would have been an amazing villain were it not for the fact that the Fantastic Four beat him in about 2 minutes with their terrible excuse for control over their powers….
I know, I know. Way to kick it off on a fangirl blog with a negative review hey? But honestly this movie was a flop in my mind (I swear my headache and being sick played no role in my decision and overall thoughts on this movie…) and shouldn’t even have been redone…but I mean it’s still enjoyable if you wanna watch cute ‘superheroes’ and role your eyes and the predictability of the movie.

I rate the movie with 2 stars.

2 star rating


One thought on “The Fantastic Four (2015)

  1. Kara_Author says:

    Nope, definitely not just you. I agree. It pretty much stunk. AT least with Spidey they had various twists on well-loved stories. It was always moving and gripping. With this you’re just like…no. 🙂


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